Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller’s Report

Yep. The entire justice department, media, and democratic party and some in the GOP are all in on it. They all meet at the bohemian grove quarterly to plot their deep state plans


What makes you think I still don’t trust Mueller? My opinion of his integrity hasn’t changed one bit and when his report is released I will accept his findings whether they support my view or not.

^ This

The DOJ rules were changed after the Starr report because of the fact that there was so much in the report that had not been proven and there was a lot of criticism because of damaging information in the report about people though the report cleared those people.

Cons/trump supporters just dont get it

Don’t hold your breath.

They, Democrats. Don’t be silly.

Silly is mah middle name

Already done.

Interesting, I never would’ve thought Cruz or Rubio would be for releasing the Mueller report to the public.

Meanwhile, Nunes is calling it a partisan document that that it should be burned up.

It is not the job of the DOJ to run opposition research for one political party. If there are no more indictable offenses offenses and no impeachable offenses, that is the end of it.

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The SDNY and District of Columbia disagree with you.

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I agree. As soon as Dems win the White Ho… oh wait, never mind.

Are you kidding? After the way Trump treated them?

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I already explained plainly in my post to which you replied.

It’s really the only way libs have for slowing down the Trump juggernaut. Run interference and keep nipping at the ankles with more witch hunts.

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You were on the right track. Both parties love transparency - until they start having to show it.

That’s one nice thing about being an independent. I can now call ■■■■■■■■ on both sides when they do it. :rofl:

Lol k. So lets make a new bet. Give us a timeline. Or give us a statement of what you’ll do when you realize you’re wrong again.

Agreed. I actually remembered “the most transparent administration in history.”