Pelosi Makes Who Is Charge Perfectly Clear

Nancy Pelosi’s interview in Politico today makes it clear that she intends to exert the power of Congress as a counterweight to a President who seems focused mainly on spending Executive Time with his television set and twitter finger.

Highlights from the Speaker:

  • · On the Feb. 15 deadline: There will not be another shutdown because the Republicans cannot handle the political cost
  • · On the wall: Trump’s wall will not be funded because the votes are not there
  • · On Trump’s complaints that House oversight is harassment, “Don’t waste your time on this. This is theatrics, this is not government,” Pelosi said of Trump’s speech. “We just take this in stride.”

We’ve grown used to weak, ineffective Speakers like John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Looking back on the fall election, no wonder so many Republican advertisements focused on warning people about Nancy Pelosi.

Any ideas about how Trump “alone can fix this” as he is fond of asserting because his initial bluster on these matters does not seem to be working.

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I was wrong in Pelosi. I thought her best days were behind her and she should not have been re-elected as Speaker. I was quite wrong. She’s the perfect Speaker in a Trump Presidency.


I’m not a fan of hers but you’re right, she’s the perfect speaker in a trump presidency. She reads him like a book and it must make him insane with rage. :rofl:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit back Thursday at President Donald Trump’s claims of ‘harassment’ by Congress – and claimed the president was ‘projecting.’

‘I always think whatever the president says about us, he’s projecting his own unruliness,’ Pelosi said of Trump at her weekly press conference. 'He’s a projector and that’s what it’s about.’


Trump is so predictable that she owns him right now.

I felt the same way, It’s quite shocking to see how quickly she took control of the situation. We’re only 1 month into her Speakership and already it seems like she holds all thr cards - it sucked all the air out of Trump.

Madam Speaker is cool.


She’s a ruthless professional with six decades of political experience. Trump doesn’t even understand how politics or the government works. Of course she’s gonna roll him.

And God help us all, this eighty year old woman has learned how to meme effectively.


I have to admit, even though I disagree with Pelosi on many things ideologically, she has shown herself to be effective as Speaker. She may very well help Congress regain some of the power it has given up over the years

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Pelosi is going to grab trump by the ■■■■■ and make him her little female dog…


Lol. Putin’s bitch, Pelosi’s bitch…

This may mostly turn into a pelosi vs mitch battle…im curious to see how those two go about things…

I could see a image of trump pelsoi and mitch sitting down in front of the cameras and mitch and pelsoi totally ignoring trump…

She’s going to dog walk fat donald.


Anybody notice the necklace she was wearing during the SOTU? I’ve heard it described as two red balls on a chain of blue.

I doubt that was her intent.

But, if it was…

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Going to? She already dog walked him on the SOTU and the shutdown.

Since Trump made is money off his father and in real estate.
… … … … … I wonder if Pelosi has to pay rent in the head space of his she occupies?

For the children.

Yes. She has shown that, in her own words, she is interested in political theatrics and not government. And from the posts in this thread, that is what her left base wants.

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Fat donald does this every single day, I wonder why trump supporters don’t call him out on it.

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Awww…sounds like someone could use a cookie.

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I love it how posters read all sorts of emotions behind a post that simply aren’t there.


Agreed… all those times that trump supporters claim it is the libz who are mad it is really the trump supporters that are mad…

Off topic to this thread but you make a solid point…

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