Pears and cheese

Yes or no?

No! :face_vomiting:

That sounds almost as gross as the crushed pears in chocolate syrup found in UK field rations.

No, but cheese and grapes anytime.


Excellent combination, tart grapes and a mild cheese.

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Sounds excellent if you substitute whiskey for pears and weed for cheese


After which you won’t care what the pears and cheese tastes like.

It’s actually a great pearing.:crazy_face:


That’s not bad either.

Up next, mustard and watermelon.

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Whiskey and weed. A good bourbon and cigar will do it for me. Can’t get the monkey on my back.

Gonna try a game this holiday season I saw on TikTok. It’s called the imposter. Pour all but one whiskey shots, and in the last pour apple juice. Spin them in a lazy Susan, then try to guess who got the apple juice.


How about peanut butter and mustard?..Has to be spicy mustard though. Don’t knock it til you try it…:sunglasses:

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I’m willing. Again, going to TikTok, there was a dude detailing the chemical bonds certain foods share that make unusual pairings. There were some I hadn’t heard of, and it was interesting learning why some of the ones I had heard of paired from a chemistry standpoint.

Are you pregnant?

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No. Just pudgy.

:smiley: Just checking, some of this is getting pretty close to pickles and butterscotch ice cream territory.

Just thought of that Leo DiCaprio quote from Once Upon a Time - “My booze don’t need no buddy”

Just to clarify, I’m not against it. I just can’t imbibe the thc. Work doesn’t permit it and neither does my system when the panic attacks come on. Which is just as well, makes me dumber than a bag of hammers anyway. :man_shrugging:


Here’s the dude. Banana and jalapeño, pineapple and blue cheese, and truffle and strawberry.

Older brother told me he once had a pot induced panic attack in Nam. Spent the whole night cradling his M-14 because he was convinced Charlie was coming because they were all high.

I can feel my heartbeat, turn white and start asking people to take me to the hospital. It’s cool until that happens. And I never know if/when it will.

That’s a bummer. I haven’t fired up in 42 years. Put on the badge, couldn’t see busting someone for something I was doing, so quit before I enlisted. Had some Thia that damn near knocked me out in high school, but never paranoia.