Pears and cheese

■■■■■■■ lightweights. :wink:

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Get some brown water and we’ll talk. :grin:

You say brown water and I think of the Mid-Eazy. lol

I’ll drink you both under the table…all three of us will be lying there.:rofl:


When/if your work isn’t an issue, try stuff that’s higher in CBD and mix in some bourbon to take the edge off. Also, don’t smoke too much right away, take a hit or two and wait.

That sounds like a challenge! I must warn you I have been known to drink home made brew at 8:00 am and then come back and write accurate reports of what was said.

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Rgr. Infaneer.

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Maybe after retirement. Hell 15 years from now I may need to take the trip to the hospital anyway.

Grated havarti on caned pear halves, with vanilla yogurt … YUM!!!

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