Pay for your virtue!

we’ve all seen how the lefts virtue signalling doesn’t translate into welcoming illegals into their “sanctuaries”

how will they feel about universities paying for student debt relief instead of the general public?

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I thought it was bad to tax businesses because they pass it along to the customers?

Regarding deleted Best Buy comment.

You can go to best buy and get a more energy efficient washing machine and get a rebate from the government.

If the Colleges and Universities sold a worthless degree to students then they are guilty of selling defective products. The students should get their money back from the institution that sold it.


Good luck with that.

The GOP … perpetually on the wrong side of pretty much every issue.

The majority of Americans support the Biden administration’s new student debt relief initiative, according to a new The Economist-YouGov poll.

The new poll, published Wednesday, found that 51 percent of respondents support student loan debt cancellation, while 39 percent oppose the initiative.

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Yeah, you are correct. That would be like getting your money back from a crooked game of poker.

How do you know if the problem is the education and not the person who received it?

everyone loves free money. that’s why democrats buy votes that way


Remember when the GOP proposed higher taxes on Banks to fund their bailout?


Is there a way to support welfare without being accused of that? Or is it no-win?

They are desperate to make it a wedge issue. My very conservative brother is going to take advantage of this to pay for the loans on his kids college education while complaining that it happened.

It is weird.


Define worthless?

Then why do you vote for higher taxes?

Making people who did not go to college pay for middle class kids who did. It’s just buying votes.


Opposition to anything Dem supported or related is Rule #1. Showing any weakness, or apparent compromise is forbidden.

Besides transgender issues does anyone know what the left stands for these days? Certainly not helping the poor. Certainly not stopping war. Certainly not upset at the CIA’s foreign policy.


there definitely is. welfare should be used for actual “relief” (which in some cases it is colloquially called) for those who need it vs a pre-midterm vote buying scheme where something someone purchased by choice expecting to pay for it themselves is paid off by mommy democrats.

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I went to college… paid off my loans… I have no problem with people having a less crappy time paying off their loans for an education.

On average they will pay higher taxes over their lifetime than those who did not go college

I don’t have much of a choice. I might support raising taxes on individuals instead of businesses, but it doesn’t matter if my elected reps don’t… but since they by in large agree with me on policies more so then the Republicans, I inevitably vote for Democrats.