Paulie Manafort's bad day


I was of the same mindset. Assuming that they intentionally did not want to bring up Trump, the campaign, or anything that could potentially be too prejudicial for the jury, in the off-chance there is a cultist on the panel. But alas, it seems old Ricky’s time on the stand is likely only temporarily concluded at this point, with a strong possibility of a to be continued…

This goes back also to our discussion on whether he will serve time. I suspect that Mueller’s Team stated they would not object to Gates’ attorney asking for probation, because they know that what he has to offer them goes well beyond Manafort’s criminal activity. As time goes, this will become more and more interesting. :thinking:


I’ve known some people like that. Not to Manafort’s level of course, but always looking for short cuts, get rich quick schemes that never work, etc. Usually the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


He’s only on trial because he worked for trump… We all know it.


Well, that and large scale fraud.


Illegals and gang bangers who who break the law need you on their team defending them.


Process crimes.

He just happened to forget those bank accounts drawn on companies he set up in Cyprus and the wire transfers directly from them to pay for his suits and landscaping needs when it came to tax time.

Happens to everybody.

Selective prosecution.

And the lying on the multiple loan applications and asking other people to lie to bump up a mortgage from a million to over 3.5 million?

We all do it. I mean, who hasn’t tipped 15% when they really could have nudged it up to 20?? KnowwhutImean?


And all of these supposed crimes happened more than a decade ago, and Rosenstein himself declined to prosecute, even going so far as to write him a very nice “letter of exoneration”.

Witch hunt!!!


So how’s it going?


I thought about going to the courthouse today and sitting in, but I decided it wasn’t worth my time.

Manafort’s going to prison.


This is a false statement.


Isn’t it going about as everyone expected?

Aside from a cranky judge, I’m not seeing many surprises.

Prosecutors overwhelmingly go to trial with overwhelming cases.


Its so weird when you realize where they are really coming from. And you are having this mental conversation with them and are trying to figure out how to get back from the bends in the truth they make. And I tell myself, OK, this person is unstable. Just stop listening. Move on. Next post please.


Kinda the other way around. Things started going south for Donnie when he brought on Manafort. That’s when suspicions and eyebrows were raised. At least mine. Still not so far south that he lost the election. But still thats when the drift started. Donnie would be a lot more secure and still POTUS if he had never heard the name Manafort IMO.


He’s on trial because he’s a criminal. He got caught because he chose to be adjacent to the president, which is a high profile place to be. Oops.


Yeah, money laundering has absolutely nooooooooooooothing to do with it. :slight_smile:


That, too.


there goes the talking point this has nothing to do with trump…Nothing but a bunch of traitors. Every last one of them


And people wonder why I voted for Hillary. You had to be a complete idiot to not see this coming. He gave us 40 years worth of his business career to evaluate and people were so stupid and emotional and tied to the radio that they couldn’t figure it out. Hell even some Rust Belt Democrats.


Well now.

A filing today:


Very interesting. With an extension filed until November 10th as well. Well past the time needed to also testify in the DC trial. :thinking: