Paulie Manafort's bad day


Think faster - I have no idea what this filing means!


Prosecution has an “ongoing” need for “continued assistance” from Gates. Likely that means more testimony, in my mind.

They’re asking to provide another status in 90 days.

We haven’t seen the end of Rick Gates, not by a long shot.

Oh, and Giuliani’s demand to wrap things up by September 1? Laughable in the face of this filing.


Ah, thank you! But that must mean for the other case since this one’s supposed to wrapped up soon, no?


Yeah, he’s done testifying for the prosecution in this case for sure.

Other case? I’d think so.

Cases? Possibly.


Doubtful. The other case is slated for September and the requested extension was for November 10, which is well after the next Manafort trial will have concluded.


Hmm. And why would any of this make Manafort happy, I wonder.


Doesn’t it seem like the 90 day extension is the default? Seems that each of these joint status reports that I have seen filed by Mueller’s team is for a 90 day extension, and that includes Flynn, Papa and now Gates.

However, I think Giuliani is just a brain-addled moron at this point and September 1 is a pipe dream for Trump and Co Criminal Enterprises LTD.


90 Days is what is often used. But they can select any timeframe they wish as well. 45 Days would have covered the next trial sufficiently, which is why I’m inclined to believe, especially coupled with the fact Ellis agreed today to seal the Gates questions/answers sidebar by the attorneys, that Gates will be asked to testify for another indictment or indictments later on down the road.


It’s pretty obvious, no, that his testimony is going to be used in Grand Jury to get indictments (and the subsequent trials ) against Trump campaign personnel - like those who were at the Trump Tower meeting.


Still a whole lot of questions about where all the inaugural committee money went that gates is likely answering as well.


Any Russians yet?


All of em.


Manafort may or may not be found guilty, but the one thing that has become perfectly clear as evidence and testimony was presented is that it had zero to do with campaign collusion. This could have been handled by IRS auditors and regular DOJ.
All I can figure is that Mueller wanted to do it so he could make it look to the ill informed that something actually came of his mandate.


Gates? This trial also made it clear that any testimony he gives will be given zero credibility. He was stealing from his employer and from the US government. He wouldn’t say anything that might benefit himself?





The remedy to that is if Gates lies about anything he dies in jail.


It’s a time honored tactic that if the FBI want’s you to cooperate in a case and you refuse, the first thing they do is pull your mortgage application of your government backed loan just to check it over. Of course you didn’t fudge on your income even if your lender kind of suggested it and of course you only exaggerated a little and yeah you didn’t really have that second job but of course you were planning to get one.

All of you smug “innocent” people who have 'nothing to hide" and are enjoying a moment of schadenfreude you better check your karma.


Um ok.

I guess I’m ok, then.


:rofl:like the fbi is needing to dig through mortgage loans to find evidence of these crooked bastards lying and cheating.


Don’t commit crimes.