Paulie Manafort's bad day


Hmmm- again do you want to bet?


The other poster mentioned DC jury irt this trial.

The only one who is at fault for being behind bars now is Manafort. He shouldn’t have tampered with witnesses.


Ill bet on the ellis, but not the Berman, only a foolish man would take that on! So if I am wrong, and Manafort is charged in the Ellis one, you will never hear from me again, but If I am right, then your gone! Fair? Hung Jury or Not Guilty I win, Guilty you win!


Okay, so the trial so far looks pretty bad for Manafort, but a prosecutor is supposed to have cried, so everybody is happy. Rational people get to read about how the trial is moving along, and irrational people get their tangent.

It’s like a drama that tosses in a fart joke to get the kids giggling.


Mueller claimed he tampered, they had no evidence, all they were claiming is he made calls to people. If all his friends are being questioned thats kind of a weak reasoning. Their real reasoning was a fear that he would run from the law.


No- Guilty or innocent. I’ll even wait through to the next trial for this bet if it were truly hung.

Why would you be foolish? You seem like you’re pretty sure.


You go right on believing that.


No The Judge said to Andres that he looked frustrated and to refrain from crying, Andres said he was not crying, and Ellis said your eyes are pretty wet to not be considered tears. I already posted the site showing it. And its pretty bad if the star witness for the prosecution admitted to embezzling money in offshore accounts without Manafort knowing and using it to pay his mistresses. You do know this has already been on trial and Rosenstein found him not guilty right?


I can only go off what I have seen or read.


See, you keep moving the field posts! That is not what I agreed on! Hung Jury or Not Guilty I win, Guilty you win!


Ah- I see you don’t believe in your case then. You are saying that eventually he will be found guilty. OK thats all I needed to know.


I made a simple bet, you can either take it or not! Not Guilty or Hung, which is the same outcome, because the Berman trial will be under way by then possibly , (I Win)- Guilty you win! Pretty simple, take it or leave it.


So many false statements are trapped in sentences that begin with “You do know . . .”


They’re nothing more than nasty Republicans, Conan. Infested animals.


Manafort is so screwed in this trial.

For all the criminal lovers out there…er, I mean Manafort man-crushers…why don’t you start sending him some soap for those awkward community showers he’s going to be enjoying in prison?


Maybe you need to do some more reading?

But it’s okay with me that this is what you want to believe.


He was allowed an extension. So was Podesta. I dont understand why this is even on trial.


It’s not worth trying to convince this poster and others like him. They are too far down the rabbit hole.


I blame the public schools for not placing enough emphasis on critical thinking.


I don’t. I just believe it’s something they’ve never been capable of. Not everyone is a good student - regardless of the curriculum or the teachers.