Paulie Manafort's bad day


Didn’t Mueller already request something like 70? Now 50 more? That’s enough for 25 more witnesses.


He did request something like 70 earlier, but in this case it was for 100 subpoenas (50 sets), therefore I simply said 50 additional individuals are getting the call to bury Manafort.


100 sets. Wow.


That should be, 50 sets. Wow.


If you have a trial and you are convicted then there is no such thing as bail, homeslice.


Remember when Ellis was all the Trumpster’s new hero judge? Trump even went on about how great a judge he is.

Wonder if that still holds true.


Judge who?


Oh wow, I somehow missed that the judge IS sending him to Alexandria.

Paulie, you’re doing it all wrong.


Coming out now that Paulie Walnuts was sending emails from inside his restricted condo.

Access to a phone, private shower and bathroom, and Manafort still screwed it up. Those posts calling him s political prisoner being tortured in jail didn’t age very well. At all.


He’s in the equivalent of a restricted condo for something, not for nothing.

Fully 25% of people who are incarcerated in the US are awaiting sentencing and eothercdodnt have the money for bail or hadn’t it revoked because like Manafort they violated the conditions of bail and ITV was revoked.


feels like it was only yesterday


His lawyers were doing it for him, so they’re most likely in deep ■■■■.


Not sure if it differs from writing a letter and having the lawyer “send” it later.

That being said, I’d you can ■■■■ up the life of a Trumpist, why not?

Not like they are good people.


Paulie’s lawyers must be smuggling in some Just for Men for Poor Pitiful Paulie to darken his hair.


Leftists gleefully celebrating the torturing of a political prisoner. It’s Typical.


Please explain to us why he should not be in jail while awaiting trial.


So, he can prepare his case.


Lock her up!


Nice jumpsuit. I like what he has done with the collar. Gives it a certain elan that is not reflected in his facial expression.


Except she’s not locked up…lol! And we wanted a trial first.