Paulie Manafort's bad day


Mueller is using Manafort’s taped jail calls to call bull ■■■■ on Manafort’s claims that he can’t prepare for his trial while in jail for violating the terms of his bail.



No no no no no!

He is in Solitary and Being TORTURED!!!

So says upstanding and trustworthy felon Bernard Kerik.


You can just smell the torture from here.


Oh yes, I nearly forgot about the Trumpist’s laughable narrative about Poor Pitiful Paulie’s Perilous Plight. :joy::joy:

However, sounds like Paulie has it pretty good, all things considered. In fact, Manafort has claimed he is being treated like a “VIP”. You hear that @Cratic3947? Manafort has claimed on a taped call that he is being treated like a VIP. Why is it that you always fall for the bull ■■■■ from Jim Hoft and the idiots at Gateway Pundit?


Holy ■■■■. He’s being treated like the mobsters in prison in Goodfellas. “Paulie” is the right name for him.


Sounds like Judge Ellis is a wee bit pissed with Manafort’s efforts to delay his trial.



The more I learn about Manafort, the more I’m beginning to realize that he has no clue whatsoever as to how technology currently works.


A surprisingly large number of people over thirty.



Yeah, Manafort is never seeing the light of day again, and will be forced to attend every single minute of every single court hearing and appointment.


I’d agree with this. And Manafort will be 70 on his next birthday.


I like how he was being all skullduggery and stuff by using WhatsApp for encrypted communications, and then backed it all up to iCloud.

Which decrypts it, just like it says in the WhatsApp instructions.



I am far from a technological wizard, and often times require tech support from my 17 year old grandson, but even I understand how these encrypted apps work in conjunction with the cloud. And you’re correct, it is right there in the instructions. What a maroon.


Sorry Paul. Looks like you’re now all in for a Green Jumpsuit after all.

:point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

Judge’s Order


Lol be careful what you wish for


this SpicyFiles twitter feed is awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


I remember when our host, with emotion and top vocal acting skills, read Judge TS Ellis’s past speech from court, over and over on his radio show, because he thought the Judge was some hero at that point. What I wouldn’t give to hear Hannity read this document in the same manner. That would be so awesome.



“However, defense counsel has not identified any general or specific threat to defendant’s safety,” he continued. “They have not done so, because the professionals at Alexandria Detention Center are very familiar with housing high-profile defendants, including foreign and domestic terrorists, spies and traitors.” - Judge T.S. Ellis


Seconded. :+1:


Ruh roh! Mueller’s team requests 50 more subpoenas for USA v Manafort.

Who all is going to be sealing Paulie’s fate (i.e. die in prison) in this case?