Paulie Manafort's bad day


Im compelled to click on it


Did you notice that it points to a piece written by Bernard Kerik?

The former NYPD police commissioner who went to jail for four years?

Jumping on that CEC train it looks like.


From the article…

We’ve held other high-profile inmates," Bertsch said, naming 9/11 suspect Zacarias Moussaoui, former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, and FBI turncoat Robert Hanssen.

That’s pretty famous company that Manafort’s name will be added to for the inmate whose who roster at this jail. Well done Paul. Well done indeed!


Ha! I didn’t catch that. Nice find. The CEC is a pretty cushy place to land for many a scoundrel and scum.


You know he has killed people in Ukraine? Knowingly.

He has no moral or legal compass.


Noooooooooooooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


The head of the Torturer’s Lobby, who advocated for dictators and warlords who used weaponized rape and child soldiers, is being “tortured” in his VIP cell in a brand new American jail, eh?

Maybe we should send him back to Angola.


Turns out Paul now DOESN’T want to move


I’d say his lawyers were sick of driving so far to the jail and tried to move him closer but Paulie is looking around at his brand new jail cell and thinking it could be much much worse.


He must like the torture.


In light of Mr. Manafort’s continuing detention and after further reflection, issues of distance and inconvenience must yield to concerns about his safety and, more importantly, the challenges he will face in adjusting to a new place of confinement and the changing circumstances of detention two weeks before trial,” his defense attorneys wrote. “With these considerations in mind, Mr. Manafort respectfully asks the Court to permit him to remain in his current place of detention.”


Me thinks Paulie is spending his time reflecting on the wrong things.


I was assured he was being tortured. I hope the judge takes this torture thing into account a moves Manafort post haste. Otherwise, it might look like Manafort was just wastin’ tge court’s time.


And these people want us to take them seriously? SMH.


Hahaha. I know. Some do anyways. Others just seem to enjoy trolling for the sake of trolling.


I just wonder how the manage out in the real world and at their jobs (if they even have one.)


Well I heard that he left his soap on a rope at home when he went back in.


Judging by the look I’ve had into one Trumpists social media, I’d say not very well at all. And I am sure that fuels their anger, along with the rest of their fellow Incels.


Some will say he forgot it, but I think we know better.


not with who we have in office