Paula White-Cain, Trump's latest "qualified" adviser for his admin

This is a piss poor comparisons.
From the 20 sec sound clip from that sermon, you tell us about Jeremiah Wright.

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You would welcome the spirit of Jezebel working sorcery and witchcraft in secret and deceit comfortably ensconced in the branches of government? I find that more troubling than someone expressing a strong rejection of those things.

LOL. Well when you put it that way…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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We had a whole lot more than 20 seconds from one sermon to judge him by.

And he didn’t work in the White House.

He was the president’s spiritual adviser whom Obama said he could no more disown than his own brother.

Sure you do.
So…tell us what YOU know…I’ll wait for your google search response.

In the White House? No.

Obama parted ways with Wright in 2008. He had many spiritual advisers during his presidency and I don’t recall anyone of them being televangelist charlatans. Do you?

I know he’s a lunatic that hates the country that gives him a home and protects his right to spew hatred.

But you’re not complaining about this crazed televangelist “adviser” to Trump.

He only threw Wright under the bus when he had no other choice but to do so.

Again, none of you were getting all twisted up over his unwavering support of Wright up to the point at which he finally had to throw him under the bus.

White won’t have any position other than as a “spiritual adviser” and maybe on policies to appeal to evangelicals so this is a bunch of outrage over nothing and pure hypocrisy.

Obama’s not President anymore, I didn’t vote for him and I’m not a democrat.

I think this woman is a con artists and a bad choice for any administration.

None of which speaks to the point. Congrats.

To the point that no ones complaining about a former presidents pastor? Irrelevant.

Live in the now, man. Trump surrounds himself with con artists and ■■■■■■ lawyers.

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Now she officially works for the White House. That is not the same thing.

So you’re saying a former U.S. marine who fought for this country, now hate this country? Come on dude…please do better.
What hatred did he spew when he was a pastor, did you ever go to his church? Besides the 20 sec sound clip did you actually listened to that entire sermon? I’ll answer for you, No…Of course you didn’t.

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I always found that strange, the obsession with Wright. That guy had a televised sermon for decades, and all of the damning statements that he made amounted to about 15 seconds of fairly bad discourse. For a bombastic preacher that is actually not too shabby.

Waters is a Congresswoman with a vote in the House. Paula is a liaison to evangelicals.

Trump listens to Paula, not waters.


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