Paula White-Cain, Trump's latest "qualified" adviser for his admin

I thought Ben Carson was the most unqualified person in his admin. But I think his newest candidate Paula White beats him. And she’s married to Jonathan Cain of Journey??? Really???

According to the New York Times, she preaches the belief that God wants followers to find wealth and health. Sounds like something Donald Trump would embrace. White is Trump’s preacher.

I don’t think — given her philosophy as espoused in the video below – anyone should criticize former President Obama for Jeremiah Wright (who if you really paid attention to what he was saying was not preaching hate). This woman is certifiably crazy.

Here’s an example of her qualifications:

She’s been one of his advisors since at least 2016. Glad you’re catching up.

That explains a lot. She’s crazy.

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It’s little wonder the rot of the Prosperity Gospel Heresy is now affecting Evangelicalism. Evangelicals are the greatest disappointment to Christianity since the crusades, full embracement of heresy and hypocrisy.


Wow! She’s bat ■■■■ crazy.


Yeah like since ancient times. :roll_eyes:


Grifters recognize grifters.


Compared to Susan Rice, SHillary, and others, she’s probably qualified for a Nobel prize.

Given the low bar set by Obama, she’s probably qualified to sweep the NPs.


Only a small fraction of evangelicals accept the pay to play preachers.

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The woman is nuts. And using fourth grade language to talk about other (and who the country looks on as more distinguished) women only makes your case look desperate.

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So what? That has no real bearing really on her being an unqualified nutcase.

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Poor decision by Trump.

Awesome post. Thank you.

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Florida televangelist Paula White, who has served as a spiritual adviser to President Trump, will join his administration in an official capacity, according to a senior administration official and another person familiar with the move.

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If Trump really wanted to go low bar he could have appointed a member of the press.

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It was a solid critique of the blasphemy White-Cain and others of her ilk commit against the faith she exploits.

Posted in english therefore not needing a translation.

When you don’t understand my posts, you would be better served asking rather than assuming.

Susan Rice was a graduate of Stanford and a Rhodes Scholar who earned a Doctorate at Oxford who received a reward from the UK Royal Institute for International Affairs for the best doctoral these on international relations in the year she graduated.

She subsequently worked for McKinsey, for the NSC, as an advisor to President Clinton and subsequently on Under Secretary of State for African Affairs.

When Bush become President, Rice was a Principle at Intellibridge and a Senior Fellow of the Brookings Institution. She left Brookings to become a Senior Policy Advisor to Barack Obama during his campaign.

Given this track record, please explain why you see her appointment as an example of Obama setting a “low bar” for appointees. Did you actually know anything about Susan Rice or did you just decide that since she’s a Democrat you could attack her with no knowledge at all?

I could provide a similar resume for Secretary Clinton, but given the extent to which she triggers conservatives’ emotions, I think we can agree there is no point in talking about her.


No you couldn’t.

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Are we talking about the same susan rice that said it was a video that triggered our ambassador being killed?

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