Paula White-Cain, Trump's latest "qualified" adviser for his admin

Agree in totality.

No need to get personal.

We are talking about the accusation that she set a low bar in terms of qualifications. This is a matter of contrasting Paula White-Cain’s qualifications with Susan Rice’s.

Are you saying that one statement made in the fog of war meant Rice was unqualified?Of course not, but that allows you to distract from the underlying fact that our current President surrounds himself with advisers who are grossly unqualified.


:rofl: rice is a buffoon. So was valerie Jarrett, van jones, and Axelrod. All being led by the biggest buffoon Obama. Yeah I would say the bar was set might low.

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Too bad liberals feel so compelled to defend the spineless Obama era regime, they did nothing of value for america.

That was back when Cons loved her. Fickle crowd

No we just knew she was delivering the excuse soon fed to her. The incompetence of Obama and his little minions, unfortunate americans lost their lives.

It’s not personal. It is reference to my post you obviously didn’t understand.

I love irony. :heart:

Get a dictionary.

Her postition:

“The evangelical pastor, who teaches a version of so-called prosperity gospel that says God will grant wealth and health to those who donate to her ministry, will join the Office of Public Liaison as an adviser for the Trump administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, the Times reported, citing an unnamed White House official.”

Yeah, she has a lot of potential to do damage there. From looking this up, it looks like the NYTs an HuffPo were about the ones who thought this was news. Probably after they found that video in the OP that would have likely seemed embarrassing behavior to people in more reserved congregations.

“Unnamed White House official”. Is this even a real position?

Ah…this type of thought really is cut off from fact based reality.

Everyone and I mean everyone gives obama credit for getting us out of the recession.

Not really he have us the slowest recovery. Shovel ready jobs what a load of shovel ready bs.

:rofl: I didn’t start talking about rice.

Wonderful talking point bs…

You were responding to my comments on Rice… and you continue to avoid the thread topic. Why?

She makes a living scamming money from people she will fit right in

Like I’ve said many times before, the trump con is “ if you’re not loyal to fat donald, you’re not loyal to God and country”

Wow. There are people who think that is a good thing?

Well she certainly puts the mental in fundamentalist.