Paul Ryan reportedly trying to move FNC away from Trump

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who currently sits on the board of Fox Corp., is reportedly urging Fox News to “decisively break” with President Donald Trump, according to a Thursday Vanity Fair report documenting the network’s “management bedlam.”

Vanity Fair ’s Gabe Sherman, citing four sources, reported that Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who has long tried to move Fox News to the center, “is already thinking about how to position the network for a post-Trump future.”

Ryan, the longtime Trump antagonist, has reportedly been suggesting to Murdoch that “Fox should decisively break with the president” as Murdoch holds “strategy conversations with Fox executives and anchors about how Fox News should prepare for life after Trump.”

I wonder - is it just his own dislike of Trump or pragmatism and business at work ?

Paul Ryan… a profile in courage.


It’s his dislike of Trump. I was glad to see Ryan leave the house myself.

I know, everybody MUST love Trump and offer their complete loyalty to him.


I see he still not has grown a spine.

People who wonder how Hunter Biden ends up on a corporate board need look no further than Paul Ryan career public trough sucker is suddenly an expert in running a cable news network. :roll_eyes:


That the left likes Ryan just proves my point.

I think you’re the only person saying that. You’re the left?


Please point to someone on the left who likes Paul Ryan.


What a punk ass coward.
Should have been talking like this when he was in office when it actually would have meant something.

What’s Scott Stedman’s take on this?

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It’s a step everyone on the right will need to attempt, from the average Trump supporter to the right-wing media to GOP power players.

Trouble is, that orange stain is more stubborn to get out than black Sharpie marker on a map.

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If Fox News turns it’s back on Trump you better believe that Trump will retaliate against Fox News. Donald Trump is a counter puncher. Donald Trump has allowed the freedom of the press to continue because at least some of the press has been fair to him. If Fox News turns traitor then why even bother with the “news” at all? I hope it doesn’t come to that, but Donald Trump has a sharpie and he’s willing to use it if he has to.


What gives you the impression they like him?

I see more laughing and pointing than I see the tingles going up their legs the way they do for Trump supporters.

This won’t be a tough sell. Lachlan Murdoch hates Trump

Seems some Repubs are still worried about their legacy. I guess you should expect a few will resist the surrender of the Republican Party to Trumpism. But sadly Paul will have to accept that the foundation for The New Republican Party has been neatly laid and Fox News is happy to be the official media mouthpiece of The Party.

Ahh, so Hunter Biden is the same as Paul Ryan. Nice admission.

Oh, so now Paul Ryan decides to grow a spine. Why couldn’t he do that when he was in a position to help this country out as Speaker of the House??

What a joke.


He’s the reason I didn’t vote for romney.

Now it would be both of them.

It’s how things work in the circles of privelege and power. :woman_shrugging: