Paul Ryan Pushing Through Thousands Of Irish Visas Before Leaving Office

The right kind of immigrants.

Ya we definitely have an Irish immigration problem, not sure how we are going to stop the flow of the millions waiting to get in. :+1: . We also need to figure out how to stop the massive flow of Danes into the U.S. as well.

Which is why Donald needs to start pushing for the construction of a wall along our eastern seaboard to keep those Irish moochers out.

And here I thought we didn’t have to put “No Irish” in want ads any more…

I wonder if Ireland will be paying for this wall

All kidding aside, the way I read the story is the net increase in visa’s is…

… … … … … …Zero.

It allows Australian unused visa’s to be used by Ireland.

So best use them for catholic white people?

The kind Trump likes. We know he said he’s fine with more immigrants from places like Norway(true statement). He also only counts white people when he brags about how many women voted for him(also true statement).

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Correction: The white kind of immigrants.


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This needs to be stopped before they invade America and steal all of our potatoes.


Not sure why. Ireland is definitely one of those ■■■■ hole countries.

Yeah, I said it!

■■■■■■■ Irish. It figures a guy with net negative approval of 40% or whatever would be supporting a literal caravan of Irish coming over here and taking our jobs, diluting our culture, and hoovering up welfare benefits.

Oh, well.

At least it’s not the Welsh.


Under the E-3 program, a total of 10,500 visas are allotted exclusively to Australia, but with new legislation pushed by Ryan, Irish nationals would have access to any that are unused.

So 10,500 WORK visa are allotted exclusively to Australia. Apparently not all of them are used.

They SHOULD just be stripped of exclusivity and put into a general pool. But I don’t see a problem where it’s now a shared pool between two countries. Not like he’s creating new e-3 work visa’s. Just re-allocating what’s available.

See the difference between that and dreamers? You know creating a new program vs re-adusting a current program?

Why not share them with everybody not just the Irish.

You know. There are many people wanting to come to America to work.


Did you NOT read my reply where I said that would be my preference?

Yes, but Ryan’s bill only give the Irish the Australian visas.


How can you say it “should be different” but “it’s ok the way it is?”

Our immigration for the last 30 years has almost been exclusively from south of the border and Asia. A few Irish people could add some diversity to our immigration system?

In all seriousness we haven’t gotten any significant percentage of immigration from Europe in a long time. I think the last decent chunk was the Bosnians after the war.

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How many Irish dreamers are there living in America? Is it as high as the DACA kids?

Do you have any evidence for this?