Paul Ryan gets a gig at Fox News

How very swamp-like…

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LibbPaul Lyin Ryan at Fox News!! I’m out!!


Typical. No surprise.

First they boot O’Reilly. Now Judge Jeanine. Then they hire the former head of the DNC and that establishment-creature Paul RINO? Yep, I’m out! See ya Fox!



This is politics in America. Bribery by another name.

They’re all thieves.

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They know what’s coming.


Lyin’ Ryan… Sad what’s happening at Fox.

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“we’ll take that swamp off your hands”

That great realignment we were promised as a result of Trump? Possibly, but not what they originally had in mind either with their “burn it to the ground” mentality. :wink:

They also hired the female Juan Williams, Donna Brazille.
Even Hillary called her a brain dead buffalo.

Let’s not forget that “leftists Sheppard Smith and Bret Baier plotted out oust Judge Jeanine from Fox”

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Called it!


Time for new cable news channel.

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Maybe he really is done with politics.

Ironically, Ryan will likely have more influence on Trump than McConnel now. :rofl:


I suggested in another thread that perhaps Infowars would be a fine landing spot for the #walkaway crowd that is abandoning Fox. Just a thought.


The far left is trying everything to get rid of all conservative, Republican, sane people off of FOX News and FOX Business. They know that they can NOT win ANY election when the general population has access to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They will do literally ANYTHING in order to retain and/or gain more power! All they want is to control all the general population any way they can. Truly is sad to see!


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So how is the “left” managing to affect policy at Fox?

Uh, who are these “far left” that are getting rid sane people on Fox?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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