Patrick Carlineo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Holy crap. This guy is like a walking and talking representation of the crazy stuff we hear or read on the internet every day. Conspiracy theories. Hate against groups. Threatening people. Fear of others.

Language warning.

PS: As you read that article go through each item and determine where he may have heard that stuff.

I did as you suggested.

The article states that he has been writing anti Islam rants for several years.
We know he didn’t learn this recently.

A good bet as to where he learned this is from the Koran itself.
Here are a few passages. There are many more.

2:191-“Kill them (unbelievers) wherever you find them. Drive them out of the places from which they drove you, for persecution is worse than slaughter…. Such is the reward of those who reject faith.”

2:193-“Fight against them (unbelievers) until there is no dissension, and the religion is for Allah.”
Fight until no other religion exists but Islam.

3:151-“We will throw terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.

Maybe I’m being too judgmental but Patrick does not appear to be the intellectual type who would bother to actually study another religion.


Notice the two pictures side by side of Omar, looking good, distinguished and professional and then there’s this guy dressed in a camo outfit that’s displayed as his everyday clothing. Does anybody think that there may be a slight slant in this article? Do not get me wrong…hate is hate and must not be tolerated but just try to be neutral when writing about it. Let the readers read and discern. That isn’t the case now. It’s all about what you’re fed by the media and it’s getting baaaaaaa, baaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaad. The OP suggests that that’s what incentivized this ass. I don’t disagree but it’s ironic that the same is being done in the article being used in this thread.

The guy threatened to kill a Congress person and you’re talking about the pictures.


If that’s what you discerned…run with it. I’m simply pointing out the irony in what you say.

Fox has been doing that for years. When they’d run a story to make a D look bad, they’d make sure the picture was an angry face from the person to make them look the worst.

But we get it, only the LSM does this.

Yeah, he looks like a real scholar, that one. I’m sure he’s read the Quran cover to cover.

I agree and it’s getting worse. What we’ve been seeing for several years now are doctored videos that totally distort the truth. That isn’t the “free press” that was protected by our forefathers. This should be revisited, now that all of this new technology is being used besides a pen and paper.

Either way, it’s irrelevant to the story in the OP.

What’s your opinion on the vile, wretched person who threatened the life of a US congressperson?

I think you meant printing press instead of pen and paper… But yes, even the forefathers dealt with “yellow journalism”.

We don’t have any idea whether he did or not.

Let the law do it’s job and prosecute him by it. Violence and the threat of it must NOT be tolerated by either side…PERIOD.

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No, we are asked to speculate on where he learned his beliefs.

No…I meant what I said. The individual writing the article, selling their position, didn’t do it on a printing press. It was done with pen and paper and then distributed to the masses using a printing press. I’m attempting to isolate the writer and their approach to writing the truth. If there is a willingness and a purposeful will to distort the truth, it should be addressed and NOT protected under free speech. I understand this is a slippery slope but it’s getting out of hand and people are being antagonized with lies that should never have been told.

We see people try to derail threads here quickly but this is a really weird one to derail. This guy is bad.


it’s like posting a picture of children in cages, telling the world…“look what Trump is doing to these children”…only to find out that the picture is from the Obama era. It was a lie and used to antagonize people. That’s what your article is doing. That’s why they purposefully laid those two pictures side by side and it worked…just listen to you. The guy should be punished but why stir up all the extra hate on the dem side? It isn’t necessary and it doesn’t accomplish anything positive IMO.

Yesterday, children were shot in Chicago and IMO is more newsworthy than this attempt to stir up hate. This is what the eyes of our nation should be focusing on, grieving over and doing something about.

The story in the OP is about the guy who threatened the US Congress person not whetheeing treated fairly in the story.

Then start a thread about it. This Thread is about the guy who threatened a u.s. congressperson.

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That’s what I’m saying, it’s baaaaaa, baaaaaaa, baaaaaad. Now keep feeding. I’m gone.