Pastor Wanted to Know the Truth About the Migrant Caravan. So He Joined It

A Methodist minister joined the caravan. A few things he’s said…

"In online interviews, Rogers introduces some of the refugees he’s been meeting, saying his friendships with them “will last forever.” Many of the travelers have young children and are pushing strollers, he notes, adding that “the love these families have for each other is outstanding.”

Is anyone else here a member of a church that’s helping? I know some churches are sitting up temporary facilities.

I wish more Christians were as moral as this man.


Did he meet any MS-13 gang members or hidden Muslims?

Is it the caravan or the caravans?

Apparently, he missed the news that these bad hombres were launching an invasion into this country, and were thus dangerous. I’m glad he managed to get through his personal Vietnam unscathed.

/end sarcasm…

Just like people not understanding what many of our citizens are like before the 2016 election, I think just as many don’t understand Christianity and the different flavors.

Many of our churches have hearts as big as Saturn. Some of our churches have turned it into a Clint Eastwood version with a flag draped over one shoulder.

Our country’s next lesson to learn is about those religious extremists and how to shout them down. The way Islamic countries should be shutting down their most extreme.

Rogers reports that the migrants he’s meeting are wary of seeking asylum in Mexico because of the country’s unstable political situation and rampant threats of violence, drug cartels and gangs .

Rogers writes about long days of traveling with 6,000 refugees via a wide variety of methods. Reaching Guadalajara, for example, involved covering 400 kilometers in “23 hours of walking, hitchhiking and police escorts. Walking. Car, semi-trailer, truck, police truck, dump truck, bus, shelter.”

On November 11, the pastor posted, “It is a long road. But life is good when you are with people filled with love and hospitality.” A Mexican truck driver who volunteered to drive some refugees to their next shelter site said he acted “because I’m human.” The subway in Mexico City also provided free rides to the traveling refugees.

Those parts you highlighted are just horrible… Imagine Mexican citizens treating people with respect and dignity… Just horrible… Maybe Fox should consider creating a Spanish version of it’s programs for Mexico…

Wait - this can’t be. I was told this was a massive invasion force. Mexico is allowing police and even regular civilians around this massive invasion force? How is this possible? Has Trump warned Mexican authorities how dangerous this invasion force is??

Such nice Mexican people all around them, helping them and yet…they are “wary of seeking asylum in Mexico”.

It’s almost like they know the difference between passing through some place and living there…

You’re right. With the hatred and racism they’ll face here, one has to wonder why they’d want to end up in such a horrible place.

And how much charitable work and giving are liberls doing in these countries?

The minister is an obvious Soros agent meant to spread disinformation as the invasion proceeds.

Stand fast, Trump Nation!

Lots and lots and lots and lots.

Democrats are the party of morality and family values.


The only hatred from me they’ll face is not entering our country legally.

Luckily those migrants are planning on entering the United states legally.

Good. Let’s rock then and I wish them well in that decision.

At least we have troops on the border…ooops… wrong part of the border… would it be awkward to put up those barricades at the ports of entry?

I feel bad for the troops that are going to miss thanksgiving because of the asylum seekers.