Parkland AWG Gets Life

The little ■■■■ bag got life. Death was on the table.

And then there’s this;

Some people deserve an express lane to the death penalty. He should be on the list IMO.


Disgusting. Now taxpayers have to support his ass for decades.

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It’s a shame we have to waste money feeding these filthy animals when dogs get euthanized for far less.


“But what if we execute him and find out later he was innocent!”

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I think life with no parole is a worse sentence then death, if I got one, it would be a death sentence, because I would execute myself.

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Should have been taken out back and had a .45 ACP round put through the back of his head.

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In this case there is absolutely no doubt he did it.

From what I’ve read today it seems like there was one juror who didn’t sign off on the recommendation of death. And they have to have 100% consensus.

IMO, it’s basically a miscarriage of Justice. Scum like him don’t deserve to continue breathing the planet’s oxygen.

That’s so pre-90’s. These libs are getting too old to even go on a date, much less argue public policy.

They’re just as disconnected as those old dinosaurs in congress. :wink:


That’s ■■■■■■ up, dude. Seriously.

I mean, who the hell spends that much money on a sack of crap? Have some decency and use a .22LR. :rofl:


Now that I think about it a crossbow bolt would be better. It’s reusable.

But then someone still has to wipe that ■■■■ off. lol

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Lol :joy: that’s true.

Death for the perp isn’t a more sever punishment. It’s a reward for society and the victims.

Needs to be used a lot more and quicker.


If someone murders someone close to me I would be rooting for life without parole, not death, because I want them to suffer for as long as possible.

Decades and decades of thinking ahead of him. One day he’ll look around at his cage and realize that he could have had a good life.


Ans if you are in super max, it’s like being buried alive.

That’s true. We are a little too humane about it. I’m thinking football stadium and 20,000 bb guns.

To me, it’s barbaric that your family member’s murderer isn’t turned over to you for execution. I shouldn’t have to house him, you shouldn’t have to have your hands kept off of him.



In general our justice system spends so much time coddling the perpetrator that it often ignores the victim.

“Speedy trial” comes to mind. We only consider a speedy trial a right of the perpetrator, not the victim.