Owning a Firearm or Carrying?

Has the spate of senseless violence by protesters and rioters caused you to rethink owning a firearm to protect your home / family / place of business or carrying one (legally)?

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Yeah, I think it is time for that CCW thing.

and moreover, more practice. (Which is fun!)

Me neither. :wink:


I will be buying some more guns but I’m gonna wait until things calm down a bit.

Never felt the need for ccw, nor have I wanted the hassle.

hell yes

scheduled my appt with sheriff’s office

i’m arming up

esp now that destructive idiot left declared war on the police

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My plan is to step up the weapon for home defense but I’m too irresponsible to carry. Even though I’m an avid hunter, a fairly good shot, competent with a firearm and have my conceal/carry…I realize that if I misplaced my weapon as much as I do my keys, wallet or cellphone…there’s a greater chance an innocent child would get hurt, than I’ll need it for self defense? Damn it. :sunglasses:

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I had a CCW license but it expired years ago. I carried a few times at first but the novelty wore off fast. Luckily if I want another one all I have to do is mail in a copy of my DD-214.

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Missouri is a Constitutional Carry state. I hope to see more states follow that trend.


How would you manage that if you are carry concealed??? Unless you have it in a backpack you carry and you constantly leave that sitting places. It should be on you in a placd that’a accessable. You won’t be pulling it out and putting it down on a counter or couch or table or whatever. Strap it on when you leave the house for the day, take it off when you get home.

I have decided to start carrying when I drive to the city. Guy in his truck pulling a trailer getting attacked on the freeway by people blocking it , made me rethink things a bit.


You don’t know me my friend but…I assure you, with me…there’s a way. :sunglasses:

Cops do it all the time. Usually in bathrooms.

I personally don’t own a gun but over the years have considered it. I anticipate doing it at some point.

Actually just renewed my carry permit a month or so ago. When we go to the city I have it with me.

I went through a whole butt load of carry weapons over the years. 1911/.45, various 9mm platforms and a Ruger LPC 380. I just ordered a Ruger LCP 2 in .22 cal. At my age and medical condition, my grip stregth has diminished, and it’s difficult to rack a standard slide anymore.

Since the LCP 2 is pocket carry, I can just drop in the pocket of my shorts and head out the door instead of worrying about using an IWB holster, printing etc… When I was carrying larger platforms, I would occasionally leave the house without my EDC gun just to avoind the hassle of “arming up”

Yeah, I know, the .22LR isn’t an optimal self defense round. But 10 rounds (20 with a spare mag) of 1750 fps HV rounds should convince almost anyone to lay off me.

And a .22 is better than pointed stick.

It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian…


Yep. Owned guns for years but never felt the need to carry till recently. Getting my CCW this month.

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The question I always have when I hear that is why do you need to buy more guns to deal with home/personal protection? Are not the guns you have sufficient?