Owning a Firearm or Carrying?

That should be (if it isn’t) a firerable offense. There simply is no excuse for that degree of irresponsibility in an LEO.

I would like a shotgun, and a smaller pistol that my wife would be more comfortable with.

I’d like to go to my buddies field more for target practice as well, so i suppose I would like some more just for recreational shooting.

I guess my point is that it should not take a crisis to encourage you to be adequately armed.

Never have felt the need to worry too much about my safety, but it has been a strange year.

I can wait it out. My home is protected well enough and I never felt the need to carry. Thought about it some, but decided against it. No change with recent events. Heck there might be enough people around me that are armed to provide “herd immunity” anyhow. :rofl: