Overnight Millionaires - WOW - OMG!

When the government pays a lump sum for civil suit against them… isn’t that the same thing? The government is punishing non recipients for a real tort?

It won’t work. Not at that amount.

I think wiping out debt is probably the better, much much cheaper plan.

Civil suit = court of law.

Reparations = legislative punishment = bill of attainder.

An attainder for a tort can only be brought in the courts of law, not mandated by the legislature.

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My fear is SF is going to drive out rich snobbish libs out into other areas bringing with em their terrible disease.


But dept can’t simply be wiped out. Either SF has to pay off the dept or the dept holder will sue them. Either way the cost to SF would be prohibitive.

True, they would have to pay the lenders. The avg debt of black people in SF can’t be more than 100k?

It’s ok. This program is going to immediately and irrevocably solve all the problems of 50k oppressed people.


Mortgage is debt, remind me what houses cost there.

from Average Monthly Mortgage Payment | Bankrate

The San Francisco metropolitan area has the highest average mortgage payment among the top 15 metro areas, at $2,699, according to the 2021 Census housing data.

That’s makes the amount owed somewhere in the neighborhood of 500k.

That would equate to almost $5 billion. That’s 1/3 of San Francisco’s annual budget of $14 billion.

And one reason was their persecution in the “failed drug war”, I guess no white people ever got busted for drugs. Oh and are all drugs now legal in SF or something?

I hope it passes.


Ditto! SF deserves what it gets!

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Not every single person who lives there are liberals.

Oh well.

I was trying to be funny! But I do wonder why any non-liberal in their right mind would continue to live in that Liberal cesspool.

Scorched earth defense.
Let 'em have it.

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Ahhhhhhhhhh…Nancy’s home. Now let’s include anyone who has lived in SF is on the hook no matter where you live today.

No problem, uncle sam will bail them out.


Same here I give zero ■■■■■ what California does even living in a democratic state myself they seldom cross the lines into the absurd that California does.

As long as it’s on a state level good for California.