Over/Under- # of minutes jury deliberates before probably convicting Steve Bannon?

Well gosh, thanks.
I loved the meme. “argle bargle” ha
I’m still trying to decipher if you agree or disagree.

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Exactly, he doesn’t have a chance, it’s all a farce. Can any of our lib friends here tell us how Eric Holder’s contempt of congress trial went? Oh wait a minute…it never happened.

Didn’t Eric Holder have actual Executive Privilege at the time instead of imaginary privilege like Bannon?

In a bigger sense, he also had the support of the Executive Branch at the time - which is why he wasn’t charged with a crime.

This is a separation of powers issue.

If that is the case then please explain why Peter Navarro was literally arrested at airport and put in jail before being bailed out? Of course, like Holder, he was also gainfully employed in the West Wing… but double standard apparently at work yet again…

The fact that Holder was “employed in the West Wing” is not the relevant factor here.

Who was in the West Wing when Navarro was arrested?


You’re the one who previously said here that Holder had the support of the Executive Branch “at the time” … please explain what you mean that this is not much like Navarro had it too as of Jan 6th, 2021

Holder had the support of the Executive at the time he was subpoenaed, and was charged with contempt.


Also… Navarro blabbed extensively about what they did… I think he even put it in his book.

If he had Executive Privilege he waived it.

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The both-siderist/tu-quoque/whatabout spasms just get twitchier and more addled.


Are you making stuff up now or what? If not, please cite where as it equates to waiving his executive privilege.

The thing about the privilege to not talk about what happened is that you can’t go off and talk about it on the TV.

What kind of system do you think we have that Navarro can go on a talking head show, blab about the Green Bay Sweep and then when Congress subpoenas him to come and talk about that very thing his response is that that information is privileged?

Yeah… that is not how it works.

Guilty on both counts.

Sentenced to wear only one shirt.


Executive priviledge isn’t Navarro’s to assert or waive. The notion of a former president retroactively asserting the privilege has never been tested. They had Navarro dead to rights.

By contrast, the sitting administration asserted priviledge in Fast and Furious. Regardless, the committee/house voted Holder in contempt…and then nothing

You are comparing apples to oranges


I had to laugh when his defense claimed it was an oversight and Bannon thought he was still negotiating on the subpoena.

Whatever happened to the defense saying they were going to go medieval? LMAO.

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There is nothing imaginary about the lawlessness going on in DC, literal criminals are running the justice department. You believe what you and I will believe based on my life experiences what I want.

We know. That’s kinda the point.


as I’ve been saying here since I arrived to this forum…they’re the most corrupt agency in the world. Yes I said in the world.

And meanwhile Eric Holder told congress to go ■■■■ themselves.

Everything is a conspiracy. My god conservatives cry victim constantly.

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You do know the first thing the GOP will do after midterms is make and investigation board for the Biden’s and the ■■■■ show just goes on and on instead of legislating this is just making more hyper partisanship.

Never was a big Trump fan liked some of his ideas and wish Desantos wins in the primary but not by the likes of what some partisan courts and never Trumpers says but by voters.

Where is the healing and brining the country together we were told we were going to get.

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