Over/Under- # of minutes jury deliberates before probably convicting Steve Bannon?

My guess is 45, in tribute to Donald J Trump being that numbered POTUS. How about you over or under that mark? Plus anyone predict SKB “on the record” will get acquitted today?


is it in DC? why bother with deliberations?


Why would it even take that long? It’s open and shut.

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So you’re an under…

Ah, yes. Under.

When will they prosecute Holder?

I figured the jury might want one more meal brought in to drag this out a bit longer…

That’s different.

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Yeah who knows if he’ll be convicted of ignoring a subpoena he publicly said he was ignoring on his streaming.

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Juries are supposed to be selected from a “group of the defendants peers” ?
LOL, Not in DC. Bannon’s lawyers should appeal any conviction.

I don’t know how many weirdos that they can find that inexplicably wears multiple polo shirts to sit on the jury.


I mean, it’s not like there’s a whole lot to deliberate. He was issued a subpoena. Either he complied or he didn’t. If it was shown in the trial that he complied, then he’s innocent. If he didn’t, then he’s guilty. This isn’t rocket science.

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It’s been said the DC jury for the Bannon trial were selected here:

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I understand that persecution theater is the coin of your realm, but c’mon: as has already been noted, the defendant publicly admitted his guilt.


Why not use DC’s newest residents? They’d be unbiased…comprende? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :+1:

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Yeah, one must always factor in the meals.

Good one. Court is theater. If defendant pled guilty to a charge why is the charge argued before a judge and jury?

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Also note that this so called Congressional standing committee also broke with SOP of first attempting to get a court to rule on subpoena’s validity here against Mr. Bannon…

The “committee” video presentation is as I understand, being produced by a media network? If true, based on the viewership and ratings this network should have cancelled the program weeks ago!
This waste of more of the taxpayers money is a Stalinist show trial designed to further discredit former President Trump out of fear he will run in the 2024 general election. It’s partisan Kabuki and a deflection to take focus off of a Biden administration’s wreckage performance to date. No minority cross questions to “witnesses”. Pelosi’s responsibilities never brought up over the preparedness in light of Intel available days before the Trump rally.
Dimbulbcrat partisan hackery on display.


That is not a “standard operating procedure.” A subpoena is presumed valid until it is contested - courts do not offer advisory opinions.

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