Outrage As An Industry

It is becoming more clear to me each day that there are more than a few people in this country with a vested interest in keeping us at each other’s throats.

We have a pretty good idea of the financial stakes of other industries. For example in 2002, lawn care in the US was estimated to be a $30B industry.

I’ve never seen any estimates on “social justice”, but I imagine it dwarfs cutting the grass.

There are people who claim their job is “social media influencer”, that’s what they say they do for a living.

It’s fascinating.


Yes I’ve been listening to Rush and other Republican radio for 12 years, it’s fascinating.


Doesn’t that pretty much sum up the CEC? As John Stewart put it…“The perpetual outrage machine”


Just beat me to it…lol


There are people who claim their job is “political pundit”, that’s what they say they do for a living.


Good example.

How about Don Lemon?

It sums up the entire industry. Are you blind in your left eye?


I’ve never seen any estimates on “youtube videos and political tv/radio”, but I imagine it dwarfs cutting the grass.

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Your boy in the WH has never been outraged.

I agree, whether they claim the pundit title or not.

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As I’ve consistently said for years, many who are in a position of power, are united in keeping us divided. Now the media is nothing more than a lib tool and continuously throw gas on the fire. They aren’t even news organizations anymore. They’re pot stirrers…period.

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Libs bad, Republicans good. Yawn.

And you dont think that conservative talk radio are not pot stirrers?

Fascinating. Meow. Amirite?

You really aren’t good at discernment. Who is united? Who is in power…only libs? There is an establishment on both sides of the aisle that are committed to this endeavor and what it does, is allow them to enrich themselves, while in office…at our nation’s expense.

You really can’t help it, can you.

Both my boy and your boy before him and all those who came before them were outcomes of this industry. Manifestations as it were.

The right has it’s tools as well. And uses them for the same purpose.

By your logic EVERY elected official is. This country was established based on outrage, what’s your point?

And yet in your first post, you only mentioned one.

What’s your logic?