Our own Attorney General has basically resorted to saying "it's not technically a crime"

…when many of the things that are being discussed are crimes. He’s giving the benefit of the doubt to the President of the United States when he wouldn’t for you guys in similar situations.

That’s what Comey referred to yesterday. You have to be a strong man with a ton of character to withstand this president and his corruption.

And the only man so far that has stood up, and had enough strength and character and integrity to withstand Trump and his lies and corruption, is one of our ex generals. The rest of these men are too weak to do it.

So we voters are gonna have to stand up and show the strength that they can not.


Yeah, yeah…everybody has their exoneration letter written by the head of the FBI before the investigation begins…amirite?

Keep talking Comey and may everything you say, be used against you in an actual court of law.

You know what’s really funny is that the elected collusion gimps (i.e. booker, harris, maxine, warren, schiff, swalwell…) all know it’s over, but they can’t afford to lose the sheer number of idiots who have bought into this nutty conspiracy.

They saw what happened to cnn’s ratings and know that this core constituency is wavering, so they go out and make a big show at a hearing, and then fundraise off of it.

What a bunch of dupes!

Stick with discredited Comey. It’s the best libs have.

You ought to check in on Avenatti. He might have something to get riled up about too.

So posters believe that the President can shut down any investigation into himself or his administration if he deems then unjust… Wow

It’s really not true that the report exonerated him of collusion. The report specifically and clearly says it made no judgment on collusion because it is not a legal term.

The report goes on to detail many instances of what you might label collusion, and documents the trump org, gladly taking help - as well as instances of them refusing help - from russia. But determined these acts did not amount to a conspiracy.

In truth, the report confirms collusion, but exonerates conspiracy.

Bill barr clearly believes that.

This is the worst reality TV ever


Yes, it sure is.

Lately I’ve been rewatching the Sopranos at night instead of reading the news because the fictional account of gangland murders and deceptions, with it’s loud soundtrack, jarring images and violent language, is somehow more relaxing.

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The same group of posters here who are defending Trump and his behavior are the same group that demanded that Obama be impeached for signing Executive Orders.

What strange times we live in.


Meh. They’re easy to just laugh at and ignore.

GOP 2020 “No Technically Illegal”

I don’t know about you, but imagine the outrage if Obama, in order to deal with a guy everyone was sure would lose, had sent some of his own people into some botched robbery attempt and covered it up instead of merely use law enforcement or security assets, involve a private security firm, a foreign agent and slush money from the candidate?

Because Watergate was the worst scandal ever.

DNC 2016: “These are not the confessing knowledge of Illegal collusions between candidate, party and PAC you are covertly filming…”

He shouldn’t because then pence becomes potus and he’s worse than trump.

It’s more the fact as usual barr was sloppy…he didnt read the report or the underlying charges. So unless Mueller comes out and supports barr, barr took a nose dive into drained pool.

It looks like barr with orders from trump most likely is obstructing the report and telling people…too ■■■■■■■ bad what are you going to do about it because we have the Senate. Trumps polling is at 80% in the gop and people are too scared to have principles.

And his supporters dont care because ■■■■ libs…
After yesterday the dems should open up in inquiry into impeachment…granted. the idiots will think its actual impeachment when its not.


Yes…Just Like Obama was able to do with Holder. They work at his pleasure.

When he comes out of office, he can be investigated by the new guy and charged for any crimes he may have committed.

Comey has been gone from the FBI for nearly two years, but Hillary has not been indicted.

When her campaign was turning to custard Hillary was reported by one of her entourage as having a tantrum, throwing things around and screaming, “If we lose, we’ll hang!” Well, she lost. And she will…

Comparing Barr to Holder is ■■■■■■■ dumb… Holder wasn’t the best but Barr is a lying moron

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Dont get so emotionally invested. It will raise your blood pressure and cause you many health issues.