Opposite Song Question


what if the Munchkins in the Lollipop Guild were diabetic?


What if Johnny Cash found a good chain gang?


Did Michael Jackson ever get enough.


What if Ruby stayed home with Kenny Rogers?


What if Katy Pery didn’t like kissing that girl.


What if Led Zeppelin, took a stairway to hell


What if Robert Johnson didn’t show up at the Crossroads


What if Fleetwood Mac couldn’t go their own way?


Did Cream actually enter a black room with white curtains?


What if George Thorogood had friends he could drink with?


Dis Ronnie Milsap’s “Darlin” easily get over him?


What if Jay-Z only had one problem, and she was it?


What if Steppenwolf’s carpet wasn’t magic?


What if The Sweets fox was on the walk?


Did Lou Reed ever find out Jane wasn’t so sweet?


What if Jim Morrison woke up and had a coffee and a doughnut instead of grabbing himself a beer?


What if all eyes weren’t on Tupac


What if Pink Floyd found Cats of Peace?


Can Billy Joel ever put out the fire?


Maybe he could if the Doors didn’t ask for the fire to be lit.