Opposite Song Question

Ask a question including the artist that brings to mind the opposite of the song’s message.

What if Journey did stop believing?

Was Brenda Lee truly sorry?

What if KISS couldn’t hear Beth calling?

How did Stevie Wonder know it was signed sealed and delivered?

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Why did kenny rogers rat out the coward of the county?

What if Amy Winehouse didn’t go to rehab?

What if Carole King wasn’t loved tomorrow?

what if blondi really was in the flesh?

What if pat benatar got hit with your best shot?

what if Dr Hook didn’t get his picture on the cover of the rolling stone?

What if the Outlaws had brown grass and low tides forever?

The Grateful Dead. Are they?

What if AC/DC was on the highway to heaven?

did mc hammer touch this?

did barry white finally get enough of your love, babe?

What if Journey stopped the wheel in the sky from turning?

did the ventures actually run not walk

What if Slade walked, walked away?

What if CCR was a senator’s son?

what if Jenny gave tommy tutone the wrong number?