Operation Prosperity Guardian in Red Sea

The US is reportedly ready to start newly formed “Operation Prosperity Guardian” in response to recent attacks on ships in the Red Sea from Houthi controlled areas of Yemen.

Several shipping lines have announced they are redirecting ships around Africa to avoid passage through the Red Sea.

Details about the nature of Operation Prosperity Guardian are not clear, but a US carrier task force has reportedly moved within striking range of bases in Yemen.


Meanwhile attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria continue, the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza continues, and tit-for-tat attacks continue between Hezbollah and Israel along the Lebanon-Israel border.

The Houthi, Hezbollah, Hamas, and groups in Iraq and Syria are all allied with Iran.

Can Operation Prosperity Guardian be isolated to Yemen and the Red Sea?

Or is this just one front in a larger developing war?

Iran has recently improved relations with Saudi Arabia and Turkey and is scheduled to join BRICS next year.

Is the US prepared to fight a major war in the Middle East against Iran and its allies?

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So the Navy and Air Force are going to be taking target practice in Yemen. The Iranians aren’t going to do anything directly and Biden isn’t going to order any direct action against them.

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My daughters ship may be involved with this. Her ship was mentioned this morning on Fox as part of a 3 ship Arleigh Burke class destroyers group that just entered the Med. They may stay in the Med OR they may head to the Red Sea.

A pic my daughter sent me last weekend when they were in some port.


Nice pic, Mk 32 triple mount torpedo launcher in the background…

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Yep, she is a sonar tech so those are her babies…lol

Finding and hitting the Houthi missiles and launchers will be a challenge. It is unlikely that the missile strikes on shipping will end, and Houthi missiles could damage US naval vessels as well. Sending marines into Yemen is likely to be unproductive at best.

Douglas MacGregor recently described how the war in the Middle East is likely to escalate. See video starting at 9:50.

Oh please, the Carney bitch slapped them the firat tine time they fired any, and has continued to slap them down whenever they get in range.

Go peddle your propaganda in some other thread.

Do you dispute that the development of accurate, inexpensive missiles and drones has changed the nature of warfare?

Commercial ships are vulnerable from inexpensive missiles and drones. That has already been proved repeatedly in the Red Sea, and it is not clear what the US can do to stop that.

Iran has sophisticated missiles that can hit navy ships, and they may have already provided them to the Houthis. It is just a matter of time before US navy ships are hit.

If it’s truly a multi-national effort with actual blood and money in game I have no problem. If fact I thought we should have hit there bases when they fired on our ships first time.

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You’re right about hitting the missiles. But hitting the launchers will be a challenge. By the time we detect and pick off a missile, the launchers have moved on.

Trump was right…again.

I think he doubts your knowledge of the capabilities of US long range targeting systems and the speed with which they provide a kill chain solution in real time.

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No it won’t be hard. That equipment moves, which means it can be detected and accurately tracked. When they fire they will be detected, which will focus the moving target indication systems. They will show where they are basing. There will be plenty of imagery taken to show exactly what and where, along with indicators of who. Once all that can be gleaned has been acquired, precision, timed strikes will follow, at a time planned to achieve the highest level of destruction and kills.


This is why I like your posts…actual information. :wink:


Oh please, the way you twist facts is pathetic at best. Yea, those missiles THEORETICALLY COULD hit a US Navy ship…I.prefer to live in reality, not theoreticals. The class of Destroyer over there can track literally hundreds of incoming threats and target damn near all of them at the same time.

They have TRIED to hit our ships and FAILED every time.

You don’t have to think that…lol
I HIGHLY doubt he has any relevant or accurate knowledge about pretty much anything.

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The Houthis have fired small numbers of inexpensive drones, not anti-ship missiles such as those that Iran and Russia have. These were provocations not serious attacks.

For now, the Houthi strategy appears to be to attack commercial shipping and effectively shut down the Suez Canal. So far western navies have not been able to do much to stop the attacks.


Great info. Grease ‘em all then get some Intel on supply lines then obliterate them too.


Correction…have not been ALLOWED to do anything.

You do realize that the Navy cannot unilaterally attack these launch sites right??

Why am I wasting my time with you…I bet you think the moon landings were fake, that contrails are actually chemtrails, and the planet is flat…

They haven’t chosen to take it to a new level. You make it sound like they are powerless to do anything. Is that really what you think of Western powers?