Only 7 republicans say they would not vote to remove Trump from office

Trump can’t be happy about this. The Daily Caller says they spoke to all republicans and only 7 said they would not vote to remove Trump.

And? What is surprising is seven said they wouldn’t, before they have heard the evidence in an impeachment trial, if one ever takes place.

Which I highly doubt it will, not unless he gets re-elected at any rate. unless of course Biden gets knocked out of the race. But even that would it put it awfully close to the election and starting an impeachment mere months before an election won’t sit well with voters.

It may come sooner than you think…

The impeachment trial will happen. I’m just surprised Trump has such few loyal soldiers. And I’m not surprised some said they wouldn’t vote to remove him, even before hearing the evidence…a lot has come out already. I’m surprised there aren’t more saying “it doesn’t matter - govts. ask for favors all the time”. You know, like Mulvaney.

No, I don’t think so. The whole impeachment will hinge on whether there was a legitimate state interest to investigate the Bidens. I don’t think Democrats want to see that played out in widely watched impeachment hearings as long as Joe is the likely nominee.

No, it will hinge on how much info there is corroborating the fact that Trump withheld foreign aid to benefit himself.

Which will hinge on whether there was a legitimate reason to investigate the Bidens.

LMAO… Is that going to be the Trump defense? Think he can convince the house?

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And as for Trump trying to get Ukraine to say THEY interfered with the election and not Russia?

It doesn’t matter if he does. The point is, Biden’s dirty laundry gets aired either way, live and watched by millions. Mark my words, there will be no open impeachment hearings as long as Biden is the front runner or until after the election if Trump wins.

So his argument will be an admission that he withheld the funds in return for an investigation but that it is was really, really important?

Technically very illegal

Not illegal at all, if he can show an investigation was warranted. Throwing your hat in the ring for President doesn’t make you immune from investigation.

Why did he only ask the Ukraine government to open an investigation and not his own DOJ?


Congratulations on contorting to defend actual crimes. I absolutely love it. :man_facepalming::rofl:

If there was a legitimate reason then there is a completely non impeachable way to do it without it being used as a political benefit to Donald Trump.

The thing is that non impeachable way means that the public won’t know about it and what use is that?


Yeah. So no matter what evidence they’re presented they’ve already decided that they’ll vote to acquit ?

In a real world, they’d be tossed out of the jury immediately.

So warranted that it took unofficial back channels and his own personal attorney putting pressure on the Ukrainians that went against our official foreign policy stance as it relates to Ukraine?

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Trump can’t be impeached withholding foreign aid for political favors because…Biden?

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Totally legitimate :man_facepalming:

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