One year ago today was a much better time for me

Just one year ago today was a much better time for me because of two things. One, my Chihuahua dog was still alive and two, Joe Biden was not President.

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Sorry for your loss Randy

Very sorry to hear your dog passed

Welcome to the Forums, Randy.

My cat Buttons has been doing face-paws a lot since January.

I’m sorry about your puppy.

Welcome aboard. We don’t get many hall of fame pitchers in here. Sorry about your dog and your president.

it only gets better from here

well, except the biden part.

but regardless, welcome.

“read the rules” as they say here. some of us follow them : )

Welcome to the forums. Sorry for your loss. If you are a foreign national you could just buy a new one cheap these days. I’m referring to the president; pets may be succeded, but never replaced.

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Bird killer.

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I got a birdie playing golf once … it was sitting in this tree near where I tee’d off. Poor thing.

Wait, a birdie while golfing is usually a good thing :golfing_man: :grimacing:

My golf and bowling scores had too much in common.

I was better off a year ago also.

Will forge ahead to an even better place.

Losing a pet is rough…my condolences…one of mine has a serious medical issue now.

Welcome Randy., I hope you enjoy your time here.

Losing a dog is one of the very hardest things one has to bear. Remembering the years of unconditional love is the only medicine I know of that helps ease the pain. I now must apologize, there’s nothing that will help with the pain of Biden in the WH…except knowing, Kamala would be worse. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Did that really happen?

Yup. You didn’t see the gif I attached ?

Yes…but it was so incredible, I wondered if it was doctored?

LOL I remember that.

Very sorry to hear about your pup.