One year ago today was a much better time for me

Top ten bird moments.

(12843) Top 10 Bird Moments - YouTube

Number 4 is funny.

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Hey! I was gonna do that!

This and Robin Ventura charging the mound agaist Nolan Ryan are my two favorite baseball youtubes

They missed the best Bird moment

That was great. Thanks for sharing. Number 1 was pretty good too.

Ultimately we have to take personal, karmic responsibility for killing birds with baseballs. The bird, must have committed a cardinal sin in a previous existence.

After my second Borzoi, died at age 15, 20 years ago, I decided she was irreplaceable and decided she would be my last pet, The loss was too big

Now I feed thousands of backyard birds and put out food for feral cats, Racoons, squirrels and possums. A family of hawks are happy I feed their food supply.

Biden is not president.

Sorry about your dog passing, and I agree. Joe Biden sucks as POTUS.

Much of my weekend was spent tending to my under-the-weather dog, the latest in our long string of rescues. The loss of a dog is tough.