One week till Marijuana is legal in Canada


It’s still kind of iffy to order seeds being that it’s still federally illegal (which doesn’t mean I don’t do it). I swear I am the only person in the world that doesn’t like blue dream!

Haven’t tried any cartridges yet, just flower still. I’ve found out about this website, lndrce, that’s dedicated to preserving old original strains. I don’t want to check while at work, and am rarely on the computer at home till weekends, but if they have cartridges, which I’m guessing that’s what they do, I’d definitely give them a try.


Why is that surprising? The goal is to legalize and diminish the black market.


Just like the thriving underground alcohol market?


If legalizing marijuana is what Canadian citizens want, more power to ‘em! Maybe some sick & in pain from various injuries can get some relief.


No need to be sick and in pain to get some relief.


I hope I’m not violating any rules here but the FDA is asking for comments on various drugs, including weed, if anyone cares to comment.


Dana Rohrabacher is claiming the White House assured him they want to legalize medical marijuana on the national level after the midterms and leave recreational up to the states


Yeah, not too trusting of the Trump adm. since they were asking for only negative stories about weed. :slight_smile:


You really don’t want to find seeds in your herb. The plant only starts producing seeds once it’s fertilized, and once it’s fertilized it no longer produces new THC. That’s why you rarely find seeds in your medical stuff.

This is just another example of why males need to be killed off as soon as possible.


Lol, can’t disagree about some males. There’s an ad in some of our free local weed magazines that says “one male enters the room and everything goes to ■■■■” lol.

That particular blue dream probably wasn’t the best (and it was in medical weed), but it has provided lots of weed. The seeds were feminized, so it was a plus.

One of my favorites is only sold as regular seeds. I think its about $200 for 10 seeds. Not too bad, but my luck, 99% would turn out to be males.



That’s really nice.

Expensive. I bought seeds over the internet, from Canada, 15ish years ago. I never got a chance to grow them, and even today I don’t really have a place where I could. I only use cartridges nowadays anyways, but it’s always been a dream of mine to grow my own/not have to pay so much for it.


Yeah expensive when you don’t know what you’re getting and really you could get all males. We grow out in a little area at the end of our garage that’s closed off into it’s own little room. It’s a hydroponic system (NFT if that helps), and it’s nice to sit out there and listen to the constantly running water. Growing outside would be nicer, but you can lose your house because your growing area has to be able to be locked up for the sake of the children. :wink:


Well, at least when I was in the market for seeds, you were able to purchase feminized seeds for lots of different strains. Probably not every strain though.

I see clones for sale in some of the stores I’ve been to. The selection is usually pretty limited, but it’s less shady than ordering seeds off the internet.

My tolerance for shady is probably higher than it should be. I know the stores I go to are illegal, as they’re not permitted in that area. Last April 20th I spent 45 minutes in line outside a store, only to walk off in a random direction when the po po rolled up. I didn’t get to buy anything, but I did enjoy the social aspect of the situation.


Yeah, clones are nice as long as there are no pests like spider mites. :slight_smile: Feminized seeds can be found for many strains, but sadly not all. I don’t think ordering off the internet is so shady anymore - lots of reputable companies and they’re pretty confidential.

I don’t think we’ve had any illegal stores around here, though we have had one chain (that I liked) shut down over “looping” - letting someone come in and buy their allowed ounce, then leave the store and come back in and buy another ounce. Possibly not technically illegal, but they lost about 5 stores and grow facilities over it.


We wouldn’t have illegal stores if they were permitted to have legal stores in the area. I don’t really feel like driving 20 minutes to go to the store. There’s a store on the way home from work.

When I did smoke herb, I always felt like the stuff got less good the further away from the coast you went. It’s possible the cartridges I use might be less expensive or of a higher quality at more legit places. I could probably answer that simply by going to weedmaps, but I would rather avoid going out of my way anyways.

I find that I really don’t like driving on freeways anymore. That might have something to do with the car accident I got into 8-9 years ago.


I don’t like freeways either since Denver has grown so much.

We live in kind of a no man’s land for stores. The closest one is about 5 miles. My husband will pretty much smoke anything, so that’s the store he goes to most. The one that always has one of my strains is about 10-12 miles from us. Denver itself has tons of stores but our suburb and the surrounding ones don’t allow stores. :roll_eyes:


Trump should have waited a couple oh months to renegotiate NAFTA.


2018 is weird.


May you live in interesting times.


It is.
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