"One nation under god and one religion under god"...Michael Flynn

Yes, the court process is the punishment these days. So much for a speedy trial. The govt is no ones peers.

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But never miss a chance to exploit anything and always kick someone who dared to cross you when he’s down.

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Well… the auto manufacturers didn’t help by ignoring what the car market was shifting towards.

One of my brothers is a lifer at Ford. He is factory management … not Union but has no qualms. As he has said, “Any company that has a Union did something to deserve it”

My other brother used to work at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Total Right wing Trumper but will defend the Union until the day he dies.

It isn’t that cut and dry I guess.

I no trouble with rank and file choosing a union for single employer representation. I just don’t see how an advocate can properly represent competing interests at the same time. Of course when the union really sees itself as a staffing company and that the contract is actually with the union leadership not the workers the conflict of interest becomes pretty apparent. And it is one hell of a deal being able to mandate membership and dues from what are defacto your employees in exchange for the right to provide them as staff to their actual employers.

people with common sense. also people who read the constitution.

I can see a point in that. But here is kind of my problem with that argument.

There is one International IATSE.

I am East Coast so our Local negotiates after the L.A. locals so what ever deal they get is signals what we can get since the Union negotiates with the Producer’s Guild.

My industry is quite different from the Auto Industry in that it is more of a Trade job than a manufacturing one. So for me, the contract is the floor, not the ceiling and I am free to negotiate above it and I often do.

But anyway… the Auto manufacturers of course don’t want to pay a penny more than they have to to auto workers, so to have a single overarching representative keeps the competition of the locals and the race to bottom at a minimum.

That race to the bottom happened a few years ago in my industry when L.A. was hurting for work, they incentivised productions to come there by giving away perks like a nighttime differential and other quality of life things… which means that the East Coast has to give those things up too.

By the time this got hashed out among the locals with the international… a bunch of things had already been given away and it was too late. A lot of things we will never get back… heck… now we are fighting to have just a 12 hour day.

flynn is definitely slimey. He’s promoting one single religion in america - Christianity. This is the man who was registered agent for Turkey - a muslim country! This guy only cares about one religion - the dollar!

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Oh no, he sounds like every baptist I ever met growing up. You wouldn’t believe how many neighborhood ladies lured me into their houses to save me growing up.

Here’s where Mike apparently lifted his speech.

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Labor is a commodity, just like any other raw input. That means it reacts to regional and national supply and demand conditions. Labor, especially unions, doesn’t like competition.

Stop bragging…

No one likes competition.

Might as well make as much as I can while I can.

The Labor Union has helped me greatly in that endeavor.

Well the cookies were good but the conversation was repetitive lol.

that’s hilarious.

So you were lured with baked sweets then subjected to similar oral presentations over and over again in your youth…I just don’t know what to say.

who else do we know plagerizes speeches?

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack …

It is wild that that guy was in a position of power regarding our national security

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