"One nation under god and one religion under god"...Michael Flynn

So did Flynn finally go too far for you members on the Right?

“If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God and one religion under God,”

Sectarian Religious Violence is always fun.

He went to far. Pitch forks, at the ready!

Where did he advocate violence? And newsflash, scads of religious people think their religion is the one true faith.

He doesn’t directly say it… but that is the end result of what he is saying.

Maybe he is too stupid to recognize this.

Crazy that he was ever in a position of power.


What does “faces blacklash” mean?

Ah, so sprinkling narrative dust on it.


Yes, Flynn went way too far.

Who gets to decide the one religion?

Q… Q gets to decide.

No one. He’s crazy.

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I’ll support this if Biden get to pick the religion.

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Well, Soros, really, but I agree!


That’s absolutely dumb, Flynn.

Government and Religion, kept separate, is how you guarantee liberty for all citizens in regards to faith. To let them intermingle is to destroy religious liberty.


Going to run out of that dust at the rate things are going.

Better be more narrative dust in those container ships waiting to get empty.


Yes he did.

So too did the critics that are taking the statement too literally.

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Oh I think Flynn means it. He needs to be taken literally

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I don’t think the context supports that.

I don’t mind taking him literally to be on the safe side.


Jesse Jackson.

I disagree.