One and only Kavenaugh Hearings Thread (part 1)

I was debating whether these would be interesting enough to get their own thread.

It’s devolved into complete chaos before Grassly finished his opening sentence.

Had Garland been confirmed under Obama, I would have no issue with either of Gorsuch or Kavanaugh being confirmed. However, I’m on #TeamKavaNope because of those shenanigans.


Grassly is busy GopSplaining the fact that they’re hiding Kavanaughs WH documents, and completely ignoring that many of the documents (thousands) requested arrived at 11 PM last night.

Protestors are constantly interrupting the proceedings.

Does anyone know for sure if this is accurate?

dimocrats with their constant whining, grandstanding, groupthink and cosplay have become so boring.

team obama didn’t even provide any documents for garland.

+1 for kavanaugh.

Who are the dimocrats cosplaying as?

In my opinion, all politicians should cosplay their favourite characters.

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Lol, the ■■■■■■■ gall and hypocrisy from Cornyn to talk about the Democrats stalling in their constitutional role to advise and consent after what they pulled with Garland. ■■■■ you Cornyn.


I think that it is likely that Kavenaugh wrote an opinion defending torture while working in the Bush White House and this fight is about whether that piece of information gets lets out into the public before he gets confirmed as judge.


They’ve got idiots dressed up in Handmaid’s Tale costumes somewhere close by in the hallways.

While I am happy with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, I do have to agree that McConnell set a bad precedent with the move he made in 2016. And I don’t think it’s going to hit him just how stupid a move it was until the Democrats take over the Senate.

But, as to my personal preferences, I do hope Kavanaugh gets confirmed.


Praise be. Under His Eye may we see the rise of Gilead!

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If that’s true, then it’s also true that Kavenaugh committed perjury during his confirmation hearing in 2003.

This is where I am as well. Kavanaugh is well qualified for this appointment. But I do loathe what McConnell and the GOP did, and the precedent they established. And make no mistake, at some point it will come back to bite them. Just as what Reid did with removal of the filibuster on other appointments has now come back to bite the Democrats. These idiots on both sides cannot seem to see past the here and now.


I’ve decided to keep my male genitalia and have not watched any of that ridiculous show. I’ll take your word for it that that’s what it’s like,

I fully accept that I can be wrong.

It is just something that I think is likely.

I just want to know why Trump and the Repubs are so intent on hiding his documents.

And my far bigger concern is whether or not Kavenaugh beleives the President is above the rule of law. Everything else is secondary to that.

The dimocrats have already turned this into a complete farce, and half of the country still wants to vote for this nonsense.

I think it’s pretty much a guarantee that Kavanaugh was on board with the whole “executive branch has virtually no legal constraints” nonsense that was so popular after 9/11 and they know that’s a killer in today’s environment.

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