One and Only Chauvin-Floyd Murder Trial Thread

The trial has started. I believe one of the most important trials in my lifetime.

Murder 2 and 3 and manslaughter.


9:29 minutes, not a split second to make a decision among them. Smart.

Watching the crowd narrate to Floyd dying on tape is pretty harsh though.


Called the police on the police.

I would say the citizens tried. I wouldn’t let the other cop off either. He is complicit.

I agree with the bystander, Chauvin was enjoying it.

Nope not even close.

If you said interesting I will agree, but important. Nah.


Defense blaming the crowd for diverting their attention from Floyd. I’m done watching.

Yeah. And department policy. Chauvin did nothing wrong.

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I am interested in how well Chauvin and Floyd knew each other before that day.

Would be the difference in the upper 2 charges IMO.

M3 at least from what little I know following via media. Even if Floyd was found with a lethal amount of narcotics in his toxicology report.

I’m watching it a while. It’s on Headline News.

What? Why? Either Floyd was just some random character he killed or they knew each other and Chauvin has a motive. Either way it’s murder.


I had read they worked at the same bar as bouncers. Interested to learn how much they worked together and knew each other.

I agree it was clearly a murder…no question from what I have read.

No matter the conviction, there will be riots.

That said, IMO he will be convicted of manslaughter.

There in lies the problem. Chauvin will be convicted of what we don’t know.

If the level of conviction does not rise to the expectations of the mob there will be looting…burning…violence…sounds like the city is already expecting that garbage.

Let’s say he was convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death…there’d still be riots and they’d say it’s because he was on the police force to begin with and it proves wacism.


Already know how this is going to go, Chauvin is going to get off.
The defense is going to spend a great amount of time criminalizing the victim. This is what they do, have done and will continue to do to show who’s boss. WS has had a damn good win/loss record over the course of American history. However, the defense, jurors and the judge better be willing to deal with the consequences when they let him off. People are not going to take this ■■■■ for too much longer.

“…Sweet and docile, meek, humble and kind: Beware the day they(we) change their(our) minds”.

  • Langston Hughes
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Sounds threatening in an indirect way.


Two wrongs make a right now.

Two questions:

  1. If Floyd were white under the same circumstances would anyone give a rats arse?
  2. How much was the settlement the Floyd family received?
    Asking for a friend.

What Chauvin did was disgusting, stupid, and unnecessary.

Having said that as an American citizen he is Constitutionally guaranteed a presumption of innocence, and the opportunity to offer a defense in front of a jury of his peers.

I hope their decisions are based on the evidence as presented, not on the threat of violence from the same angry mob who’s actions last summer were just as stupid, disgusting and unnecessary doing millions of dollars in damage to the city of Minneapolis and billions of dollars worth of damage along with multiple dead and injured.

Sadly I don’t expect the mob to let the opportunity to burn and loot pass them by.