Once again, non-compliant legal wanna-be gets himself shot

I can’t see what else the cops could have done here.

And bodycam will exonerate the cops.

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They could have not stopped him.


So are you suggesting that merely because the police see a gun in the car they’re entitled to kill someone? Because I watched the video, and I don’t see where there’s any indication he was actually reaching for the gun. in fact, one of the officers actually had him in his physical control at the time that somebody else started yelling gun. so I’m just gonna suggest that this might not be a good shoot solely because the police didn’t have any basis to believe that he was reaching for the gun. Of course, the video cuts off at an inconvenient time it doesn’t actually show a gun at all. so it’s hard to tell.


Oh, he was a “Sovereign Citizen.”

Can’t say I really have much empathy for the people who believe that ■■■■■■■■■ but it’s not an excuse to kill him.

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Non compliance isnt a reason to shoot someone. No matter how silly what he was saying from the car might be. The cop has every right to laugh at him not shoot him.

Non compliance wasn’t why he got shot. Non compliance just directed the event to next steps.

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You are not wrong with regards to what transpired but i think the cops could have just as easily De-escalated it. They are allegedly “trained” to do so. Conflict resolution and all that jazz

The first cop did all he could to keep it from escalating.

The driver took the actions to escalate it. Ultimately reaching for a gun.

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The fist cop did. The rest didn’t.
Respectfully opening the door and trying to drag him out isn’t de escalation. It was then that he allegedly switched hands and reached

Whether the cops were right or wrong.

Mr. Allan was a so called “sovereign citizen” who thought the laws didn’t apply to him. In the last milliseconds of his life, he found they did.

I will leave it to the legal process as to whether the cops were right or wrong.

Not one ■■■■■■■ gram of empathy for ■■■■ for brains Allan.


So are you.

They were beyond the point of no return. He was given every opportunity to avoid that. The driver’s choices brought it to the point that it was time to drag him out.

And then the driver took it to yet another level after that by going for the gun.

To be blunt, I’m tired of the nearly universal call for cops to stand down in these incidents. Yes, some are more blatant than others (on the cop’s part), but this one is not one of them.

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Oh he is one of those idiots who spouts pseudo legal babble that means nothing. We have the same nutters in the UK called Freeman of the Land.

Among their idiotic beliefs is that the USA is a corporation and therefore some of them carry ID cards that declare them ambassadors of America to get out of having a driving license or paying fines LOL.


Yep, one of them.


No, not with the capital letters and scare quotes.


I love the stories where sovereign citizens run afoul of the law, and are made sad.

BUT: I don’t think this guy needed to be killed.

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It doesn’t matter what he was doing. He could have been texting his mother. You reach for a gun and you’re going to get shot. However, I think they did mention the holster turned out to be empty.

Because his last act was pulling it out and it was found on the vehicle floor.

It looked to me like there may have been a level of substance impairment there.

I don’t think any of those cops wanted this outcome. They are going to protect themselves aggressively to make it home alive…as they should.


Claim, not fact.