On Twitter NFL Honor George Floyd/Family At Vikings Game This Sunday Another Get Woke Go Broke SJW/BLM

Here and i thought we would see the end of this nonsense that is SJW/BLM potical messaging in our sports nope it appears that NFL is going to full throttle with this far leftist Pro BLM/SJW stuff.

Whats Next? will NFL Honor Jacob Blake? am getting tired of seeing of these politics in our sports. Have they gotten the message yet? we dont want to see the politics in our games or sports.

They had 8 years with Obama/Biden what makes them think that voting for Biden/Hariris will change anything?

Who isn’t pro black lives? I guess racists wouldn’t be :man_shrugging:t5:


Do Black Police officers lives matters to right? or their lives of those officers dont count?
btw we have the same far leftist journalists trying to justify the looting as well.

Of course

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In 2016 when a self-professed BLM member killed 5 Dallas LEOs, the NFL was lobbied to put a sticker on players’ helmets to honor the fallen cops.

The NFL refused.

It never gets old, how one group of people literally has a tantrum if every little thing isn’t geared towards them and only them.


Recycling the “I quit the nfl” gimmick every season is one thing, but the political cartoons too? Sheesh.


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Did this actually happen?

Hahahaha. The perpetual mantra of victimhood. Crammed down my throat because it’s in the news. How very soft.

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There’s other sources. I’d forgotten about this- the team and Dallas CB owners wore decals in training and asked to keep them on but the NFL ruled it out. It does make the NFL look one sided.

Who isn’t pro white lives? I guess racist wouldn’t be. :man_shrugging:t2:

I just though you might wanted to hear just what you sounded like. :wink:

What are the two sides?

It’s just odd that an NFL team would honor a piece of filth like that. Regardless of how he was killed, it doesn’t change who that person was. It’s akin to honoring Charles Manson had a cop killed him before he went to prison.

Private businesses can mostly make the choices they want. Maybe two-sided isn’t the best wording…The NFL seems to inconsistently apply policy on who may be openly supported.

I’ve never watched much fb so my eyes were never there to begin with. How are the ratings?

You have google.

Of course it did.

They already are…

“ What a difference four years make. Now the New Orleans Saints have all appeared in practice with the name of Jacob Blake, an accused rapist, a serial abuser of a woman, taped across the front of their helmets, above their faces. You will be excused if this is especially confusing. After all, you have surely seen the NFL repeatedly stepping into and then struggling out of problems with players who used women for punching bags.”

Players in the Chiefs (are they still allowed to use that name?)/Texans game may have has the rapist/sexual predator Blake’s name on their helmets Thursday night. It’s taken a lot for the NFL and NBA to alienate me but i think they’ve succeeded.

It’s taken a lot for the NBA and NFL to alienate me…

The fact that you can’t see the duplicity here is not surprising to me. :roll_eyes:

Every time the camera catches Blake’s name highlighted – NFL or elsewhere – it gets flashed at the people he raped and the people he assaulted.

Black victims all of them.

But black lives matter, dontchaknow.

I m having serious trouble seeing him as a martyr…