On this day in 1980

The seminal heavy metal record Blizzard of Oz came out. I was too young for any of this, but the record and Ozzy himself ushered in a new age of music. Dethroned Eddie Van Halen. And probably had a bit to do with the Satanic Panic as well.

But check out this clip. Just some random vid of Oz and friends playing Mr. Crowley for some American TV show. :astonished:

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Great video… There is a part in which imho is cool Ozzy goes out of pitch right before Randy’s solo you can see he’s upset with himself but then Rhodes starts shredding.

I love the rawness of that show. Kinda reminds of the rawness of the GNR at the ritz show just all out pure playing messing up and still crushing still it. Good stuff :+1:
Sucks guitar rock is just ■■■■■■■ dead now. I wasn’t around either but I can see superior talent here that isn’t on display anymore in my generation.

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Lol, this YouTube comment


The outfits are peak early 80’s. Ugh.

Marshall stacks, guitar wizards…those were the days.

That is awesome. Too bad it is too late to give him the internet for the day award

Ya it’s a whole different level of music than my generation puts out at least in terms of rock music we have devolved musically imho.


And then, Nov 17 Double Fantasy was released and on Dec 8, John Lennon was murdered.

My brothers had all these records, plus the subscription to Guitar Player. That means I had all of them, too.

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it was 2-19-82 when he was banned from San Antonio

I can’t imagine how great Randy Rhoads would have ended up had he not died so young. I was 9 when this came out and had older cousins who were in junior high and high school so I got to catch all this stuff. By this time they transitioned into cassettes but still had a ton of KISS, ZZ Top, Molly Hatchet, etc 8-tracks. I think about 1978 - 1984 was peak rock music.


Absolutely. He had the highest marks in technical virtuosity, as well as composition.

The music you hear on the video is all his, but then the casual way he rips that solo…:astonished:


I was too young to experience Randy Rhodes when he was alive. I discovered him in 1987 as a young budding heavy metal fan when my Neighboors older brother came home with the Randy Rhodes tribute album from Ozzy. Much to the dismay of my mom I became an instant fan and had the poster of the album cover on my wall within weeks.

That solo was sick, the end as well!

and the pure joy on Ozzy’s face watching Randy and Tommy Aldridge at the end is awesome.

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As a youngster, you listen to what your parents listen to. You know: bangers like Roger Whittaker, Neil Diamond, and ABBA.:neutral_face:

I had heard snippets of intriguing stuff around summer camp and school, but had no serious exposure to anything-except for that perennial favorite of adolescent boys: Big Balls by AC⚡️DC.

Then one fateful day (in 84? 85?) I heard Iron Man, and my life changed irrevocably, and forever. But alas: my parents thought Black Sabbath were Satanic, yet inexplicably thought Ozzy was okay. So that he is how I first slaked my thirst for metal. Thankfully, this foolishness from my parents abated over time, and by the end of my youth, I was listening to all the Satanic stuff :japanese_ogre:.

It’s hilarious how that Overton Window shifted. The stuff we listened to back then is absolutely bland compared to what you can hear today. First Amendment :metal:

Right? Back in the day, Ozzy always exuded simple joy at just being there. However, for the last decade or so it seems like it has been a chore for him.

But now it appears the long break (health and Covid) that he was forced to take has rejuvinated him a bit. I quite liked both of his performances at the Jubilee and then at the recent NFL Halftime.

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same. Summer of 1986 I heard Maidens Piece of Mind record in its entirety on a boat in the Newport Bay in southern California. Changed everything, Iron Maiden all summer. From there it was Maiden to Priest… to Metallica to Megadeth… to Anthrax… to Danzig (all time favorite)… to King Diamond… then it all went to hell after that, figuratively speaking of course.

I still have a large collection of vinyl records with all the greats from jr high and high school.

So casual. Just kind of threw it away to close out the appearance. Good Gosh!

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Ha! I recognize that progression.

I still jam Piece to this day. 2 top ten Maiden faves for me: Where Eagles Dare and To Tame a Land.

Speaking of Diamond, I assume that you are aware Mercyful Fate has a new song, and are fixin’ to embark on a U.S. Tour?

Have you seen my avatar? :rofl:

Oct 29th in Inglewood with Kreator. Can’t wait.