On the House floor, Rep Jim Jordan R-OH expresses outrage that Democrats want to make Election Day a federal holiday

Accurate observation. In this thread we have two conservatives utterly freaking out about the mere idea that people could have a day off to vote. Are you really THAT scared of higher voter turn out?

Maybe you should be.

Because the more people vote, the worse Republicans do. Look no further.

Ironic that conservatives tout early and mail in ballots as suitable alternatives when they’ve been trying to limit that too.

(Notable vote by mail seems much more prone to fraud, see North Carolina)

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I was in Colombia last year during their presidential elections and was quite surprised to find out that they get the entire day off to vote.

Same in South Korea.

That’s your argument for not having a federal election day holiday? :rofl:

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Voting is easy, we don’t need a holiday for it. Holliday on a Tuesday? How many take the Monday off as well and those holidays now and go away for a 4 day weekend?

We don’t need another holiday, we don’t need to move any holidays. It’s easy to vote as is.

They already get paid for their hard days work

Yeah tell that to the people who have to wait hours to vote…

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Ironically a whole bunch of people skip work on the 1st day of the NCAA tournament but having a holiday for an important thing like voting doesn’t make any sense. Too much lost productivity.

Btw, does anyone here post on this board from work every day? Just trying to figure out the loss productivity.


The notion that “we have enough holidays” is ■■■■■■■ ridiculous

I tell people you want me to have down time at work. If I’m working it means something is on fire, someone’s going to the hospital, or someone’s going to jail :smiley: I have people tell me they wish I would do less work at work (especially like today – I’m at home right now but I’ll work graveyard tonight. If I’m working – I’m waking people up . . . . then one of the fire, hurt, or jail things takes place.)

says the guy who votes for the party that does all it can to limit voter turnout

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If some people are going to be asked to take time away from their jobs/family to vote … why not make it a national holiday and free up obligations that might keep people from voting.

Furthermore, what’s so bad about our culture prioritizing voting. Making it a national holiday would promote democracy, promote participation, promote more inclusive elections … how is this a bad thing?

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Strawman much?

How about a National Voting Holiday every four years instead of every year?

Nobody has to.

Then you REALLY wouldn’t like my suggestions then:

Outlaw any registering to vote but at the county clerks office.
Voter rolls purged every 10 years and EVERYONE has to re-register
Some sort of Identification presented at polling station to verify identity.

Still not needed.

Strawman much?