On the House floor, Rep Jim Jordan R-OH expresses outrage that Democrats want to make Election Day a federal holiday


Interesting, where I grew up sometimes schools would close on the 1st day of hunting season.

Republicans against making it easier to vote, or something like a national election holiday, don’t make any sense to me. Why shouldn’t every politician want every American that is allowed a vote to actually vote? To be involved. To have a say so.

I get a day off on Columbus day. I would trade that holiday in a heartbeat for a national election holiday.


You said where you grew up locally, some schools closed.

I’d be fine with local municipalities or employers making that decision. We don’t need a national holiday.

Making election day a federal holiday sounds like a liberal ploy to ensure Republicans are elected at a lower rate than they are currently.


Flag day ! Edit: I mean Presidents Day

How about no. People can vote early, in many places it’s becoming vote by mail. It’s already super easy to vote on “election day” around the country. We don’t need another paid day off on top of the dozen or so already.

Mail in your ballots, folks.

I’d rather have a national holiday on the Monday after we turn out clocks forward for daylight savings. That’s always a tough Monday on one’s circadian rhythm.

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I don’t understand why anyone is against this? We can’t get off for Veterans Day, Labor Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day but not Election Day?

Why can’t both exist? Why either or?

Yup and just to expand on that, I propose we make every Monday a national holiday. Transition back to work from the weekend is tough especially when HBO and Fox air all their best shows on Sunday nights.

I laid out the reasons why.

It takes what maybe a couple hours (worst case) to vote? How many places are going to vote by mail (nearly everyplace in Utah is doing that now). You don’t need a paid day off to vote.

How about this? Veteran’s Day is re-defined as the first Tuesday in November, and coincides with national elections every two years.

I’m a veteran, and I approve this message.


Good luck with that. Suggest it to your congress critters.

Federal holiday typically means a person doesn’t work. Why do you want all the election officials to work on a holliday and get the extra pay one gets for working a holiday?

Jordan was a mandatory reporter as a wrestling coach in college. His players were being molested and they claim he knew about it and did nothing. Why wasn’t he arrested?

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Why not this too?

We have enough holidays already. Every interest-group wants a holiday. We could end up with 365 holidays, and would work only one day every 4 years, on Feb 29. :roll_eyes:

I’m with W_and_C’s sarcasm about making every Monday a holiday. (My suggestion of the Monday after springing forward was also sarcasm.)

Mail in your ballots, folks. It’s quicker than standing in any line, and the 55 cent cost is cheaper than whatever it costs to get yourself to a physical polling location.

Ok, fine. Let’s move Labor Day to the Second Tuesday of November so we don’t waste those precious manpower hours you are suddenly so concerned about.

Why is it that’s Republicans are so utterly terrified of anything that would make it easier for people to vote?

Actually wait, I have a good guess.

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Strawman much?

Why not? It seems like a suitable reward for a really hard day’s work.

I know, right? Must be why Yosemite National Park closes every Memorial Day! :roll_eyes:

Most developed countries have significantly more holidays than we do.

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