On right wing sites, groundswell of anti-Fauci sentiment rising

Looks like I may have jumped the gun too early…but the avatar is not bad so no biggie.

But right wing sites that the President has espoused in the past and even retweeted on occasion, and who draw the attention of CEC media types, as well as some of those media types like Lou Dobbs, are starting to make comments and posts branding Dr. Fauci a “Deep State Hillary Stooge” or an “administrative hack”.

I will await the predictable evolution of “this is a WaPo hit piece” to “its just a few fringe nuts” to “Fauci doesn’t understand the complex decision here” to “Fauci IS a Deep State Hillary hack”.

Experts who know what they are talking about - very very bad.

Trump good.

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““The president was right, and frankly Fauci was wrong,” Lou Dobbs said Monday on his show on the Fox Business Network, referring to the use of experimental medicine.“

Lou Dobbs actually said this but since it is a Wapo article… he didn’t actually say this.

Expect this theme to continue where they attack the source and dismiss the quotes.

The media has been pitting Trump against Fauci for weeks now. So?


I think Fauci is doing a magnificent job.

High marks from me.

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I have no complaints.


All I get is a sales pitch for me to give Bezos 29 dollars, which isn’t happening.

Is Dr. Fauci the guy that translates Trump speak into science without pointing out the disconnect?

Good job Dr. Fauci. It can’t be an easy job.

Is that the “anti Fauci groundswell” the OP is talking about? That Lou Dobbs thinks Trump was right about some experimental medicine. Pretty vicious groundswell.

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See, here’s where actually reading the linked article can give your credibility a big boost!

Several examples given, including ones more ”vicious” than the Dobbs quote.

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Exactly! It’s just the same old crap from the MSM who make about as much sense as Biden. :roll_eyes:

I heard Fauci voted for Obama and Hillary.


Still like him.

I wouldn’t.

Clearly he is trying to make Trump look bad.

I bet Fauci’s approval rating is worse than Trump’s.

He is honest and staight forward, i dont think trunp will fire him simpy because he is the most qualified person in the room


There we go!

That’s two posters who nailed Step One.

The party of personal responsibility strikes again

Me too. I hope Trump continues to rely on him.

Eh…the real fun was pence