OMG this is just so pathetic

Have you seen this? Obama is running around desperate to grab credit for the Trump economy. It’s really embarrassing. Business leaders give credit to the Trump tax cuts and regulation cuts. Obama would have you believe that it is due to some unnamed policy he put into effect 5 years ago. Remember when he blamed Bush for six years for everything wrong in his administration? So this goofball claims that everything bad that happens is somebody else’s fault and everything good is because of him. Jealousy is not attractive Barack. Don’t embarrass yourself.


I thought for things pathetic yesterday you were going to talk about Trump saying he had nothing to do and watched Obama’s speech and talked about Obama’s crowd size. Now that’s pathetic.


What happened is essentially what most of us with working brains figured would happen.

The steady growth numbers of the Obama years, which were constantly derided and nit picked by Republicans, would suddenly become amazing and record breaking the moment a Republican took over. The stock market certainly jumped a bit, but other than that it’s really just continuing on the same trajectory it was.

Those who are being honest can recognize that.


Some people don’t care about all of that.

It taken Obama to 2014 to get back what was lost.

Manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back…their is no magic wand.

in 2016 out economy was going into the ■■■■■■■■■■■■ only 1.6 percent GDP.

In old forum I started a thread that we’re going to witness the largest economic growth/expansion that most people will see in their lifetime.

Libs mocked and ridiculed me…and said you don’t know what I’m talking about. Those day are over they said.

Well libs lied.


We’re still waiting.


Actually, 81% of businesses have said their investment plans have not changed because of any of Trump’s policies.

When surveyed, those results are pretty consistent.


Are you referring to these manufacturing jobs that only cost taxpayers in WI a measly $4.1 billion


Obama had a 5%+ quarter in 2014. Lord Trump hasn’t even topped that yet

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If not for his trade policies, he would have. 3Q growth would have been 5.0% had the net effect of trade just been what it had averaged since 2015.

The contribution to GDP of net exports was the lowest in 33 years… -1.78 points.

And part of the 3.5% growth in the third quarter was not, in fact, companies responding to actual growth opportunities, but compnies instead rushing to build inventories to try and sell before tariffs took effect.

And since the net effect of Trump’s trade war has thus far been only modest changes to some of our existing trade agreements (the ones in the Pacific we could have had simply by remaining in the TPP), there is scant evidence Trump’s trade war is going to net long-term benefits to the US economy.

So Trump piled on pain for uncertain or modest benefits in the future.



Are you really comparing the economic gains made under Obama to Trump? With a straight face?

No one can deny the power of Trump. We went from 42% unemployment down to around 4% on Jan 20th, 2017. That’s worthy of a parade, too bad with so many people working that the parade would be sparsely attended.


What parameters are you using to proclaim that you are right. The GDP numbers are just as stable within the same range as the Obama years. The President has yet to average 3% annual gdp. The employment numbers are the same. The participation rate is the same.

Trump is following trends.

That being said however, those who proclaimed doom and gloom and economic collapse were just as wrong as you were.

The attendees can always be photoshopped in.

It is pathetic and delusional as you can tell from the responses to the OP. :roll_eyes:

Facts aren’t very fun, are they? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Which ones were false?

Wow it’s almost like continued growth is achievable under both Democratic and Republican approaches to fiscal policy.

Here’s my shocked face :heart_eyes:

Almost as if we don’t need to break the bank with trillions in tax breaks for the ultra rich or slash regulations that protect consumers in order to see steady economic growth.

Facts are fun, liberals should try it sometime. :wink: