Omarosa Releases Another Tape

Apparently Trump does… or did :joy:

Only the best!

You. Thanks for playing.

And Omarosa is an opportunist of the worst kind. Trump deserved her.

Well, since you responded to the thread …

Reality TV presidency.

Wait a minute. Trump actually has boobs, so that’s a bad comparison IMO.


it’s the District of Columbia.

Not even if you let me use your dick to do it.

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In DC you only need the consent of one person to record the conversation.

Then there you are. Unless she recorded classified information, then there might be another law that applies.


In a town where you really don’t want a lot of what you say getting out…that’s the law?

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Classic exchange right here…

Sounds like she may be in the clear legally as long as she didn’t record any classified information. If she did, that could get into laws related to said classified information.

Gotta love the classics.

She’s not going to jail. Corrupt government employees don’t go to jail. They retire with full benefits, write a book or both. Ain’t gonna happen.

Why did John Kelly bring her into the situation room? That seems like a huge error on his part. She shouldn’t be there.

Particularly when she was about to be terminated. I posted something on another thread where one of my concerns relating to that tape was why he was having that meeting in the situation room in the first place. Another is the apparent lax security in the White House.

Because he didn’t want anyone to hear him threaten her?

Yeah, let’s hire a lying, sociopathic, completely self-serving reality show TV villain, and bring her in the West Wing.

What could go wrong?

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Then he’s even worse at his job than we thought.