Omarosa Releases Another Tape

It shows Trump calling her claiming he didnt know she was going to be fired. Breaking now…cant find link

hahahahaha oh wow.

Trump deserves her.

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The thinking by the White House is there are dozens if not over a hundred

She is going to jail. You cannot record like that and release to public.

Doubly foolish…Nothing there to even contradict what Trump has stated publicly.

Her book comes out tomorrow i think …I wonder if there will be a bunch of tapes released today

I’d say a number of people are going to jail. It’s Stupid Watergate.


She’s a putrid human being who obviously felt that she wasn’t getting enough camera time. She’s a media whore, no more, no less. She’s Trump with boobs. ■■■■ her.


Sometimes in life you run across a vile human who uses people, steals, runs cons, lies, etc.

For some reason it’s satisfying watching two of them tear each other to pieces.

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It’s definitely interesting seeing two people who are so obviously like-minded getting into it. I think I’m going to have to stock up on some popcorn.

Trump supporters, we told you many times ■■■■ like this was going to happen.

depends on a state law. if it’s a single party state, then if one party knows it’s recorded it’s legal. if it’s an all parties state, it would be illegal.

Hahahaha, administration of low-lifes and dumbos. Trump is both.

Can’t stop laughing!


What do you expect from a person who’s world view is shaped by “Fox & Friends”, pretty much the dumbest “news” show on cable TV.

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Trump only hires the best.

Omarosa is Just another example of a woefully unqualified person serving in this administration.

Trump sounds like an idiot on that tape.

Also, ■■■■ Omarosa. Horrible person.

Also, one the best people!

It’s gratifying because it’s justice. They are both wretched human beings; they deserve each other.

Can you blame her? She had to do something to pay for that boob job.

Just curious, what law is she violating?

You can blame Trump, after all all he has the best brain and only hires the best people :joy: