Omarosa Claims President Trump Suffering "Mental Decline" in New Book

TRUMP HATER ALERT! (Trying to beat out the usual suspects’ reaction to this thread.) :laughing:

Well, anyway, this certainly is a shock. (/sarcasm) She cites the NBC Lester Holt interview as her moment of truth because he was talking gibberish. I hate to tell ya, sister, but it was long long before that.

Not really a book I will be watching for, but it’ll be fun to see whatever things she has to say.

I believe he is, and that’s it’s been going on for a while. That said, she did also say we would all bow before Trump, or some such nonsense, so…

I want her to tell me that Trump said the N word… anything short of that and it’s a snoozefest

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The evidence has been in full view. What’s really scary is the Putin disaster. God knows how much he sold us down the river at that meeting.

That might make a good bet in Vegas.

Maybe Putin will release his tape one day. I’m sure it was recorded.

He has been accused of that on his show, hasn’t he?

I wonder if Donald was smart enough to turn his recorder on his cellphone on before he went in there.

… nah … :slight_smile:

I think we all know the answer to that! I’d love to see Putin get annoyed with Trump though, and let us all know.

He is old…so not really that far of a stretch

No, and just listening to him sometimes…

OK, when the book comes out, what nickname will Trump give her?

I’m sure she has one already but we will never see those apprentice tapes


Problem is, I don’t believe her any more than I believe the sociopath president.

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Like I said, I hadn’t been looking forward to her book. She had every indication when she left the White House that she would be writing a tell-all book. Surprise, surprise. I’m sure it’ll be a tabloid type that Fox will pluck headlines from. They love them tabloids. They so want to be one.

Certainly plausible.

Interestingly, Reagan’s cognitive decline while in office has been thoroughly documented. The contents of his speeches and various remarks were analyzed over the period of his presidency. His vocabulary clearly decreased and the incidence of filler words increased over time. It did not decline below a critical level prior to him leaving office on January 20, 1989, but the cognitive decline was clearly and definitively documented.

Unfortunately, that method is unlikely to be useful for documenting Trump’s decline, unless it reaches a more obvious stage. Reagan talked at a far higher level than Trump and was more organized with his speeches.

Ironically, his bombasticy could, for a while at least, hide his cognitive decline.


True. I guess we’ll have to see if something becomes overwhelmingly noticeable.

Plus, he’s an insane idiot already so it will be tough to tell the difference.


I could have told you all of this without writing a book.

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Not so.

Trump was reasonably well-spoken in his younger days.

But if you mean…from the same age onwards…then yes, Reagan was much more well-spoken and at a higher level than Trump was.