Oliver North to be new NRA president

My, my, my. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at this, but a change was definitely needed with LaPierre’s horrible public image. North will be somewhat of a fix to that, I think. That said, though, it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the job and if he does a better job than LaPierre.

LaPierre is the VP and CEO of the NRA. He is not going anywhere. North will be replacing Pete Brownell who did not seek a second term as President.

Thanks. I did a little cursory Google search and didn’t come up with anyone beyond the fact that LaPierre was its head. But no question they need an image change.

No worries. North, as President, will be more in a role akin to Charlton Heston, when he was President of the organization.

Colonel North has a tough job ahead but I believe he was an excellent choice, especially coming into the conditions as they are.

Oh, oh…Hogg isn’t going to like this.:sunglasses:

I think somebody like Heston would have been a better choice since he’d appeal to a bigger cross-section of people. North is more for the base.

Maybe. But in today’s environment, the base seems to be all that really matters. And North is a good communicator as well.

Seriously? He’ll love it.

That goes without saying.

I’ll bet he doesn’t. When I see something on YouTube one way or the other…I’ll post it. It’ll be fun.

“North came into the public spotlight as a result of his participation in the Iran–Contra affair, a political scandal during the Reagan administration, in which he claimed partial responsibility for the sale of weapons through intermediaries to Iran, with the profits being channeled to the Contras in Nicaragua. It was alleged that he was responsible for the establishment of a covert network which subsequently funneled those funds to the Contras. Congress passed the Boland Amendment (to the House Appropriations Bill of 1982 and following years), which prohibited the appropriation of U.S. funds by intelligence agencies for the support of the Contras. The money was passed through a shell organization, the National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty, to the Palmer National Bank of Washington, D.C., and then to the Contras.

I should be shocked at how openly the right embraces criminals and sexual predators these days.

Yet I’m shocked that I’m not shocked.

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Maybe the NRA will prosper with a felon as its public face. For sure its membership will likely not care. He’s been on the board for quite some time.

This just goes to exemplify the ignorance of the NRA by the left. Wayne LaPierrre was not the President of the NRA, Pete Brownell was. LaPierre is the Executive Vice President or CEO and he remains so.

Oliver North is not a felon. Yes, he was convicted of three felony charges, but with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, his convictions were vacated in 1990 and all charges were dismissed by a Federal Judge in 1991. He is a highly decorated, including Silver Star, Bronze Star w/V, and Purple Heart, Vietnam veteran USMC Lt Col. He deserves your thanks and respect.

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I don’t think Hogg will have any problem healing with a dishonored, dishonest North. The material just writes itself. I can’t believe the NRA couldn’t find a single person who didn’t help facilitate weapons sales to Iran to be president of the NRA.

Agreed on those points but Iran-Contra was still bad.

he’s just a traitor. just like reagan

People currently supporting the NRA and it’s causes…

Oliver North
Ted Nugent
Donald Trump (subject to change)

You did read my second post in the thread where I acknowledged the error, right? Not that the left should give a royal damn about the NRA.