OK...what the hell have libs been doing all these years?

What has twump specifically done to cause this? Is that all you got? Also it was on a downward trend before twump got into office.

Oh…this again


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Another asked and answered thread :-1:

Not to mention getting rid of stop and frisk.

What a stupid post. lol

I know yours is. Hence why you cant answer.

And yet with all passed laws the inequity is still there.

So we need to pass more laws?

Sorry but same old same old talkpoints gets old and don’t deserve and answer.

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Oh wait…this is slight isn’t it?

You mad?

I’d say there is far less inequity than there was 50 years ago, so they must have been doing something right. And that doesn’t even take into account all the other people who continuously try to fight back against it.

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So air and temperate is different in minority areas and in white areas?

What specifically have conservatives done to gain minority support?

Is this another “african americans don’t know what’s good for them” thread?

I’m just wondering what make air quality different from minority area verse all white area.

Did you read your own link? Don’t worry I know the answer. I’ll help you out

Advocates have long called for action to tackle unequal effects of environmental issues on these communities. There have been studies, for example, that show that low-income and nonwhite communities face greater impacts from pollution.

Linked in the article

Conclusions. Disparities in burden from PM-emitting facilities exist at multiple geographic scales. Disparities for Blacks are more pronounced than are disparities on the basis of poverty status. Strictly socioeconomic considerations may be insufficient to reduce PM burdens equitably across populations.

If you want to see the full study, pay up.

Quite simplistic analysis. Passed which laws? Do those laws still remain? Voting rights protections have been dwindling since key provisions of the voting rights act was passed.

Similar to how disparities in the cleanup of lead affected minority communities.

I think we need less laws.


You must be joking.

So pollution is greater in minorities areas then none minorities?

I’m not sure where they’re going with this. Is air pollution racist? Is that what you’re telling me?

Wanna guess the party they belong to?